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Name: Curtis

From: Iowa

Bio: I am marketing manager for a community-owned broadband communications company.

Area of Expertise: Entrepreneur/Business Leader

Topic: Technology

Headline: Video entertainment

Nutshell: Current forms of video entertainment, such as cable TV or satellite providers, will become obsolete as consumers begin buying only the video entertainment they want through the Internet.

Vision: Through today's channels for video entertainment, consumers are forced to pay for much more content than they can consume. Through advances in Internet bandwidth and the creation of new economic models, future consumers will be able to purchase only the video entertainment they want.

Want to watch "CSI"? CBS will upload the latest episode to your home entertainment server each week for a fee. Or, you can buy on demand from a gigantic menu of programs.
The key to this prediction coming true is content providers finding a way to continue making money under a totally different economic model.

Date Submitted: 12/1/2004

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