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Name: Jesper Bove-Nielsen

From: Denmark

Bio: Mentally online since 1992. Experienced advisor, large corporations, writer, speaker

Area of Expertise: Futurist/Consultant

Topic: Community/Culture

Headline: Obesity crisis solved in cyberspace

Nutshell: Before 2012 most obesity problems will be solved thanks to computer games.

Vision: Stupid fitness equipment will be replaced by smart equipment, like Sony Playstation, Microsoft X-box or a PC. People will participate in virtual Tour de Frances, some from home and some in gyms - connected through the net.

When dull excerise is transformed to a physically and mentally demanding game, people will immerse themselves totally in virtual games in a way that resembles real life. Towards 2020 the most promising market of computer games, will be excersise-based games.

Date Submitted: 12/13/2005

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