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Name: Sjon Woodlyn

From: California

Bio: IT Professional with 15 years experience from the data center to LAN and telephony.

Area of Expertise: Technology Developer/Administrator

Topic: Information Infrastructure

Headline: Internet Scope Explodes

Nutshell: Handheld devices perform intelligent routing based on current context, so the Internet is truly pervasive and mesh-networked.

Vision: Like cellular telephony today with the Blackberry and other peer-to-peer networking components, the next logical step is to enable intelligent routing between devices based on current context. This means that the Internet is now as far reaching as the furthest connected device still routing traffic back to the Internet. This is right in line with the "Green Machines" being developed for the developing world, and could find real usage in augmenting the bandwidth and sustainability of the Internet.

Date Submitted: 1/30/2006

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