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Name: Ben McGee

From: Wyoming

Bio: Scientist, Author, Musician, Innovator

Area of Expertise: Research Scientist/Illuminator

Topic: Global Relationships/Politics

Headline: Birth Pangs

Nutshell: The world will unite and accept or fall.

Vision: The current rise of terrorism I believe is directly related to the increased spread and acceesibility of cultural information brought about by the "information age." In more conservative cultures, the rate of information transfer and economic growth is outpacing local adaptation. A rift develops, cultures feel threatened, and the knee-jerk reaction is violence. Two inevitable outcomes loom. One is a world that accepts the fact of global economic interdependency and adapts political and social structures and biases accordingly. The other is a world where war rages until communication is severed, likely in an apocalyptic crescendo, and cultures are allowed to exist in isolation once again.

Date Submitted: 11/10/2004

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