Imagining the Internet Predictions Project

Elon/Pew Predictions Imagining the Internet Database Topics & Subtopics

Community/Culture Cyberpunks/Hackers; Ethics/Values; Human-Machine Interaction; Information Overload; MOOs/MUDs/B-Boards/Newsgroups; Relationships; Social Withdrawal/Addiction; Virtual Communities; General
Global Relationships/Politics Campaigns/Voting; Creating a Smaller World; Democracy; Government; Peacekeeping/Warfare; Third-World Nations; General
Economic Structures E-cash; E-commerce; Employment; Gambling; Microtransactions; Shopping; Telecommuting; Tax Issues; General
Information Infrastructure Bandwidth; Cost/Pricing; Internet Appliances; Internet Service Providers; Language/Interface/Software; Number of Users; Open Access; Pipeline/Switching/Hardware; Protocols; Role of Govt./Industry; Universal Service; Wireless Technologies; General
Communication E-mail; Internet Telephony; Security/Encryption; Video Conferencing; Viruses/Worms; General
General, Overarching Remarks Sweeping statements about the future of the Internet. No subtopics.
Getting, Sharing Information Advertising/PR; Crisis Management; Libraries/Databases; E-learning; Gaming; Intelligent Agents/AI; Journalism/Media; Medical/Professional; Music; Newspapers; Publishing; TV/Films/Video; Virtual Reality; General
Controversial Issues Anonymity/Personal Identity; Censorship/Free Speech; Copyright/Intellectual Property/Plagiarism; Crime/Fraud/Terrorism; Defamation/Libel; Digital Divide; Jurisdiction/Control; Privacy/Surveillance; Pornography; General

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