Welcome to the Interprofessional Simulation Center and the Client-to-Class and Standardized Patient Program in the School of Health Sciences.

The Interprofessional Simulation Center was designed to provide healthcare students with a realistic clinical environment without ever leaving campus. The center includes a command room with a one-way window peering into a 7-bed hospital bay area, two pre/debriefing rooms, a complete home healthcare setting, an ICU room, a large hospital room, and 5 standard clinical rooms. The program also incorporates several simulation modalities including task trainers, mixed reality (AR/VR), medical mannequins, clients-to-class, and standardized patients. Each one of these modalities are utilized throughout the curriculum allowing students to incorporate their medical knowledge and skills as well as receive continued improvement through feedback.

The Client and Standardized Patient Program is a successful partnership between the members of our community and Elon to help shape the faces of our medical future. The School of Health Sciences takes pride in knowing that our participants have a strong desire to help prepare our next generation of medical professionals and promote Elon’s continued mission of excellence in education.