The School of Health Sciences at Elon University has a rich research tradition, strengthened by state-of-the-art facilities including a biomechanics lab and human performance, neuroscience, anthropometry, electrophysiology, and metabolic research spaces.  Faculty, staff, and students collaborate on research that informs healthcare practice, enhances teaching and learning, and discovers human neurologic, physiologic, and biomechanical responses.

With evidence-based practice as a priority, all students in the School of Health Sciences have coursework that solidifies their understanding of and enhances their ability to participate in the research process. Students also learn to pose clinical questions to inform practice decisions and assess patient outcomes. Working with faculty and staff mentors and community partners, students are able to complete research projects while enrolled and often have opportunities to present at conferences and publish articles prior to graduation.

We invite you to explore our innovative research initiatives to review current studies and look for opportunities to serve as a research subject.