Simulation Center Equipment

The Interprofessional Simulation Center uses the latest in medical simulation equipment to give learners an opportunity to experience as close to a real-life encounter as possible.

Audiovisual Equipment

Medical Mannequins

Medical Mannequin, Lucina

Medical Mannequin, Aria

Medical Mannequin, Luna



Medical Mannequin, Ares

Medical Mannequin, Apollo

Medical Mannequin, Dark Skin

Medical Mannequin, Light Skin











Medical Mannequin, Amputee
















Task Trainers

  • Female Catheterization
  • Injection Trainer
  • Injection trainer pads
  • Intravenous Arm II
  • IV Training Arm- dark skin (7)
  • IV Training Arm Kit- light skin (8)
  • Male Catheterization Sphincter Kit
  • Matt Adult/Pediatric Auscultation Trainer
  • NG Tube and Trach Care Trainer
  • PAT- Pediatric Auscultation Trainer
  • Pediatric injectable training arm- light skin
  • SAM- Student Auscultation Mannequin
  • Sani CPR Family Pack
  • Simulation Ventilator
  • SimVS

IV Training Arms (dark/light skin)

MATT Adult/Pediatric Auscultation Trainer

SAM & PAT Auscultation Trainer

Simulation Ventilator










Surgical Sally











Additional Equipment

  • All Purpose 3 Shelf Cart
  • Adaptive Devices (i.e., wheelchair, walker, etc.)
  • Crash Cart
  • Demo Dose SimCartRx
  • Dolls (9)
  • Echo Patient Masks (Stroke/Obese; Light/Dark Skin)
  • Infant Radiant Warmer
  • Moulage Kit
  • Simulation Use Only Medication/IV Bags
  • Wristband Printer for Demo Dose SimCartRx

Demo Dose SimCartRx

All-Purpose Storage Cart

Crash Cart

Infant Radiant Warmer

Echo Patient Masks (Stroke, Obese)