Commitments to Inclusive Excellence

The following commitments are the shared responsibility of all students, faculty, and staff in the School of Health Sciences:

1. We will stay committed to the work of inclusive excellence

2. We will create and support a diverse student body in the School of Health Sciences

and facilitate hiring practices that attract and retain diversity amongst faculty and staff

3. We will create course content and co-curricular programs that prepare healthcare providers who are committed to advancing health equity, reducing health disparities, and serving all patients with the grace and dignity they deserve


School of Health Sciences Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The DEI Committee within the School of Health Sciences comprises a diverse gathering of faculty and staff who build monthly programming and educational outreach to ensure sustained inquiry and intentional growth. Working in close collaboration with the Elon University Division of Inclusive Excellence, the Director of Inclusive Excellence for Graduate and Professional Education, and the Director of Inclusive Excellence, Education, and Development, the committee builds educational outreach around monthly themes and welcomes expert contributors to facilitate faculty and staff development.

Examples of events:

Interrupting Bias and Inviting Change

Difficult Conversations

Integrating DEI into the Curriculum

Exploration of Women’s Medical History

Diversity of Body Shape and Size

Mental Health Awareness

Gender Affirming Care



School of Health Sciences Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The Student DEI Committee is committed to creating co-curricular and interprofessional opportunities for physical therapy, physician assistant, and nursing students to intentionally study and discuss health disparities and create a shared commitment to inclusive excellence as a core value in the provision of healthcare. With mentorship from the Director of Inclusive Excellence for Graduate and Professional Education and faculty advisors, student leaders create a Diversi-tea event each month and welcome faculty and staff to join students in review and discussion of key journal articles and resources related to health equity and health disparity.

Examples of Diversi-tea events:

Inclusive Caucus

Rise in Anti-Asian Violence

Misrepresenting Race: How Implicit Bias Affects Healthcare

Mental Health Awareness

LGBTQIA Access and Barriers in Healthcare