Academic Administrators, Deans, Chairs,  Committee Chairs, Directors, and Fellows


Fall 2014 Directory

Office of the President

  President   Leo M. Lambert    
  Executive Vice President Gerald L. Francis    

Chief of Staff, Senior Advisor to the President, and Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Jeff Stein    
  Director of Communications  Jaleh Hagigh    

Faculty Administrative Fellow, Assistant to the President and Director of the Center for Access and Success

Jean Rattigan-Rohr    
  Presidential Fellow and Special Assistant to the President; Dean of Multicultural Affairs Randy Williams    

Office of the Provost

  Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Steven House    
  Associate Provost for Academic Affairs Connie Book    
  Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs Tim Peeples    
  Interim Associate Provost for Inclusive Community Brooke Barnett    
  Associate Provost for Assessment and Academic Operations Maurice Levesque    
  Assistant Provost   Peter Felten    

 Academic Deans

 School of Communications        
    Dean   Paul Parsons    
    Associate Dean Kenn Gaither    
    Associate Dean Don Grady    
 School of Education        
    Interim Dean Deborah Long    
    Associate Dean Angela Owusu-Ansah  
 Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences        
    Interim Dean        Gabie Smith  
    Associate Dean Nancy Harris    
    Associate Dean Angela Lewellyn Jones  
 Martha and Spencer Love School of Business        
    Dean   Raghu Tadepalli  
    Associate Dean Casey DiRienzo    
    Associate Dean Bill Burpitt    
School of Health Sciences
    Dean   Elizabeth Rogers    
Elon University School of Law
    Dean   Luke Bierman    
    Associate Dean Alan Woodlief    
    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Andrew Haile    

Department Chairs

  Accounting   Linda Poulson    
  Art and Art History Michael Fels    
  Biology     Greg Haenel    
  Chemistry   Dan Wright    
  Communications   Frances Ward-Johnson (Interim chair - Fall; Associate Chair)
      Jessica Gisclair (Chair - Spring)
  Computing Sciences Joel Hollingsworth    
  Economics   Jim Barbour    
  Education   Richard Mihans    
  English     Megan Isaac, Chair                Janet Warman, Associate Chair  
  Environmental Studies Brant Touchette
  Exercise Science   Caroline Ketcham    
  Finance     Wonhi Synn    
  Health and Human Performance Resa Walch    
  History and Geography Charles Irons    
  Human Service Studies Beth Warner    
  Management   Susan Manring    
  Marketing and Entrepreneurship Coleman Rich    
  Mathematics and Statistics Ayesha Delpish    
  Music     Jon Metzger    
  Performing Arts   Fred Rubeck    
  Philosophy   Nim Batchelor    
  Physical Therapy Education Stephen Folger    
  Physician Assistant Studies Patti Ragan  
  Physics  Martin Kamela    
  Political Science/Policy Studies Betty Morgan    
  Psychology   Alan Scott    
  Religious Studies   Lynn Huber    
  Sociology and Anthropology Rissa Trachman 
  Sport and Event Management Hal Walker    
  World Languages and Cultures Sophie Adamson

Graduate Program Directors

  DPT Program   Stephen Folger    
  MBA Program   Bill Burpitt    
  M.Ed. Program   Angela Owusu-Ansah
  School of Law   Luke Bierman    
  MA in Interactive Media David Copeland    
  MS in Physician Assistant Studies Patti Ragan    

Interdisciplinary Program Coordinators

  African/African American Studies (Minor) Prudence Layne    
  American Studies (Minor) Samuele Pardini    
  Arts Administration (Major) James Marchant    
  Asian Studies (Minor) Pamela Winfield    
  Biochemistry (Major) Dan Wright    
  Classical Studies (Minor) Kristina Meinking    
  Criminal Justice Studies (Minor) Meredith  Allison    
  Engineering (Dual-degree program) Sirena Hargrove-Leak and Scott Wolter (co-coordinators)  
  Geographic Information Systems (Minor) Ryan Kirk    
  German Studies (Minor) Scott Windham    
  Independent Major   Matt Buckmaster    
  International Studies (Major) Safia Swimelar, Coordinator
    Michael Matthews, Associate Coordinator
  Italian Studies (Minor) Brandon Essary    
  Jazz Studies (Minor) Jon Metzger    
  Jewish Studies (Minor) Geoffrey Claussen  
  Latin American Studies (Minor) Michael Matthews   
  Leadership (Minor)   Frances Ward-Johnson  
  LSB Dual Degree Program Mark Kurt    
  Middle East Studies(Minor) Michael Pregill    
  Multimedia Authoring (Minor) Michele Kleckner    
  Neuroscience (Minor) Mat Gendle    
  Peace and Conflict Studies (Minor) L.D. Russell    
  Poverty and Social Justice Studies  (Minor) Amy Johnson    
  Professional Writing Studies (Minor) Rebecca Pope-Ruark  
  Public Health Studies (Major & Minor) Cindy Fair    
  Women's Studies/Gender Studies (Minor) Kim Epting    

Academic Council

  Chair     Skip Allis    
  Chair-Elect   Wally Bixby    
  Division Representatives 2012-2015 Christy Benson    
    George Padgett    
    Sue Chinworth    
    Bud Warner    
    Kathy Matera    
    Carol Smith    
    Yoram Lubling    
  Division/School Representatives 2014-2017 Jim Bissett  
        Dave Gammon
        Neeraj Gupta
        Ashley Hairston  
        Byung Lee  
        Richard Mihans  
        Brenda Quincy  
  At-Large Representatives 2013-2016 Wally Bixby  
    Stephen Futrell  
    Skip Allis  
  Support Staff with Faculty Rank Representative  2013-2016 Johanna Janssen  
  Adjunct Representative 2012-2014 Billy Summers  
  President   Leo Lambert    
  Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs Steven House    
  Curriculum Committee Chair (non-voting) Jeff Clark    
  Program Assistant   Patty Rooney    

Standing Committee Chairs

  Academic Standing Committee Qian Xu    
  Academic Technology and Computing Committee Paula DiBiasio    
  Admissions Committee Chris Leupold    
  Athletics Committee Bryan Hedrick    
  Curriculum Committee ** see list below Jeff Clark, Chair    
    Donna Van Bodegraven, Vice Chair
  Faculty Research and Development Committee Bill Andrews    
  Core Curriculum Council (General Studies) Naeemah Clark  
  Graduate Council   Tony Crider    
  Institutional Review Board Steve Bailey    
  Library Committee   Sirena Hargrove-Leak    
  Lyceum   Jon Metzger    
  Promotions and Tenure Committee Jessie Moore    
  Religious Life Committee Dianne Ford    
  Student Life Committee Cara McFadden    
  Study Abroad Committee Judy Esposito    

University Curriculum Committee  

  Chair (Arts & Science-Math & Natural Sciences) Jeff Clark        

Vice-chair (At-large)   Donna Van Bodegraven      
  School of Education     Amanda Tapler    
  School of Business     Katy Rouse    
  Arts and Sciences - Social Sciences Laura Roselle    
  Arts and Sciences - Fine Arts and Humanities Pamela Winfield    
  School of Communications Michael Frontani    
  School of Health Sciences Melissa Murfin    
  At-large    Martin Kamela    
  At-large Glenn Scott    
  Associate Provost for Academic Affairs Connie Book    
  Core Curriculum Director Jeffrey Coker    
  Dean and University Librarian Joan Ruelle    
  Registrar Rodney Parks    

Staff Advisory Council (SAC)

  Kyle Wills (Chair) Administrative Staff    
  Rhonda Belton Administrative Staff    
  Karen Pore Administrative Staff    
  Janet Rauhe Administrative Staff    
  Michael Williams Administrative Staff    
  Valerie Cheek Office and Support Staff    
  Kim Giles Office and Support Staff    
  Tammy Hill Office and Support Staff    
  Susan Lindley Office and Support Staff    
  Stefanie Poe Office and Support Staff    
  Brian Chandler Physical Plant Staff    
  Annette Ector Physical Plant Staff    
  Greg Marshall Physical Plant Staff    
  Bob Willis Physical Plant Staff    
  Gerry Francis Senior Staff    
  Gerald Whittington Senior Staff    

Campus Directors and Fellows

 Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning Peter Felten, Executive Director
        Deandra Little, Managing Director
        Mary Jo Festle, Associate Director
        Alan Russell, Associate Director
 Center for Engaged Learning Peter Felten, Executive Director
    Jessie Moore, Associate Director
 Center for Environmental Studies Janet MacFall
 Center for Leadership Steve Mencarini
 Center for the Study of Religion, Culture, and Society Brian Pennington
 Center for Writing Excellence Paul Anderson, Director of Writing Across the University
    Paula Rosinski, Director of the Writing Center
 Chandler Family Professional Sales Center Michael Rodriguez
 Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Kevin O'Mara    
 Elon Core Curriculum (General Studies) Jeffrey Coker, Director  
      Evan Gatti, Associate Director  
          COR 110   Jeffrey Coker  
          ENG 110   Paula Patch  
          MTH 110   Skip Allis  
 Elon University Poll   Ken Fernandez, Director    
      Jason Husser, Assistant Director    
 Executive Education Bill Burpitt    
 Fellows Programs          
    Honors Program

Michael Carignan, Interim Director (Fall)                                                 Tom Mould, Director (Spring)           Barbara Miller, Interim Associate Director (Fall); Associate Director (Spring)

    Elon College Fellows Nancy Harris    
    Business Fellows Tina Das    
    Teaching Fellows Jeffrey Carpenter    
    Communications Fellows Naeemah Clark    
    Leadership Fellows Steve Mencarini  
 Gender and LGBTQ Center Matthew Antonio Bosch  
 Health Professions/Premed Caroline Ketcham    
 Imagining the Internet Center Janna Anderson    
 Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement Mary Morrison, Director  
 Language Learning  Technologies David Neville    
 Liberal Arts Forum   Cassie Kircher    
 Lumen Prize   Ann Cahill    
 Multicultural Center Randy Williams
 National and International Grad Fellowships Janet Myers, Coordinator  
 PERCS     Aunchalee Palmquist    
 Prelaw     Chalmers Brumbaugh  
 Project Pericles   Tom Arcaro    
 Student Professional Development Center Tom Brinkley    
 Sunshine Center for Open Government Jonathan Jones    
 Teaching and Learning Technologies Kelly Riemer    
 Tutoring Center   Laurin Kier    
 Undergraduate Research Paul Miller    
 William Garrard Reed Finance Center Neeraj Gupta    

Faculty Fellows

 Faculty Fellow for Civic Engagement Jason Husser    
 Faculty Fellow for Leadership Frances Ward-Johnson  
 Academic Diversity Fellow Cherrel Miller Dyce    
 Faculty Development Fellow for Academic Service Learning Sharon Hodge    
 Faculty Fellow for the Residential Campus David Vandermast    
 Faculty Fellow for Sustainability Michele Klechner    
 Faculty Fellow for Technology Antonio Izzo    
 ICCIS Faculty Fellow Donna Van Bodegraven    
 Elon College Faculty Fellow for Internships Pam Kiser