Moseley Center Policies and Procedures

The following policies apply to all groups and individuals (both university affiliated and non-university affiliated) using facilities in the Elon University Moseley Center:

  1. Food and beverage served in the building must be provided by ARAMARK Food Services. Exceptions to this policy can only be made by the Director of Catering in conjunction with the Director of Campus Center Operations. (No exceptions will be made for weddings.)
  2. University policy regarding the use of alcohol applies in the Moseley Center. If alcohol is to be served, the university must be informed prior to the rental agreement. Aramark must coordinate all alcohol sales. Specific guidelines for such use should be discussed with the Director of Campus Center Operations and the Director of Catering.
  3. A member of the Moseley Center Staff must be scheduled to open and close the building and must be present in the building during periods of use. Non-student renters will be billed for staff time outside of regular operating hours.
  4. Parking for patrons is available across from O'Kelley Ave in McMichael Parking Lot. The driveway leading to the loading dock is a fire lane. Cars parked in these areas may be towed.
  5. There is limited parking available at the loading dock for loading and unloading. Groups using the facilities may load and unload in this area but may not leave vehicles parked there.
  6. Candles are only permitted in McKinnon Hall with special permission from the Director of Campus Center Operations.
  7. Smoking, or the use of tobacco products, is not permitted anywhere in the building or within 30 feet of all entrances.
  8. The lounges,  Irazu' Coffee shop, terraces and hallways are "public space." Access to these areas cannot exclude students, faculty or staff. Any use of these areas for receptions, displays or any obstructions should be cleared with the Director of Campus Center Operations when the facility is rented.
  9. Artwork on display in the building may not be moved. Persons using the facility must accept the artwork in the location where it has been placed.
  10. University-sponsored events and outside groups using the building may not discriminate or limit access on the basis of race, sex, faith, disability or sexual orientation.
  11. Signs or posters should not be placed on walls, doors or room dividers without prior approval of the Director of Campus Center Operations (see university posting policy).
  12. Abuse and/or damage of the facilities, furniture or equipment may result in additional charges and/or loss of future facility privileges. Furniture set-ups must be left as they were found.
  13. Trash is to be placed in the trash containers by the group using the building. Please remember to recycle.
  14. Elon University is not liable for natural disasters or other random acts of nature, mechanical/electrical/structural failure, or other similar events over which it has no control.
  15. No pets (service animals are permitted), bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades or inlines allowed in the facility.
  16. Recognized student organizations that wish to publicize an event by using chalk on sidewalks must obtain permission from the Director of Campus Center Operations at least three working days in advance of the advertising date.  The group must submit all sayings for approval. The forms can be picked up  from the Moseley Front Desk.  The organization must agree to use only chalk and must clean all areas within 24 hours after the event.  Chalking on brick walkways is prohibited.

Any questions or comments about the Moseley Center may be directed to the Director of Campus Center Operations at (336) 278-7215.