Meet the Adventures in Leadership Staff for 2015

Student Coordinators

Ben Bridges

Name: Ben Bridges
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Favorite part of AIL: The times in between activities when my small group got to sit around and bond with each other.
Favorite AIL memory: When we got caught in a thunderstorm at the top of a mountain. It made for quite the adventurous hike back down!
Do not forget: Plastic bags for your smelly wet clothes and some positive energy!
Bio: I’m majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Art and Psychology.  My favorite parts about the outdoors are the times where I can relax, so I love camping, hammocking, and sitting around a fire.  AIL is fantastic because it balances this chill time with insanely fun activities like whitewater rafting and rock climbing.  Be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone in all senses: physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally.  This program is a great opportunity to get to know yourself and others as you prepare to make the big transition to college.  It was definitely the highlight of my summer and it will hopefully be yours, too!

Abbie Dalton

Hometown: Warrenton, VA
Favorite part of AIL: Rock climbing in West Virginia and getting to know all the other AIL participants over the course of the week.
Favorite AIL memory: Camping on the New River. This was when I really bonded with the people on the program and we became so much closer as a unit.
Do not forget: A flashlight, and more importantly, a smile. Also, a waterproof camera, rafting on the New River is so fun and you are going to want to capture it all in pictures.
Bio: I am a rising sophomore and I plan on majoring in business with minors in psychology & leadership studies. In my free time I enjoy scuba diving, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, and swimming.  AIL is one of the greatest experiences that I have had at Elon. You make incredible friends that you carry with you coming into your first year at Elon, which makes a big difference in your adjustment to college life. If I had one piece of advice to Elon freshman, it would be to go on this program. It will change your life. Get ready for the best week of your summer.

Student Facilitators


Meredith Piatt

Hometown: Elon, NC
Favorite part of AIL: Rock Climbing and team building exercises!
Favorite AIL memory: Singing mountain songs at the top of my lungs during ever car ride with my group.
Do not forget: A water bottle, a pair of durable sandals, and an open mind to try new things!
Bio: I am a '18 Communications Fellow with plans on majoring in Cinema and Television Arts with a double minor in Women and Gender Studies and Poverty and Social Justice.  I love to hike and explore in the woods and sporting my Chaco sandals.  I also enjoy swimming, eating ice cream, finding new music, and meeting new people. AIL is the perfect way to start your first year at Elon.  You'll be amazed at how many friends you will already have before you even arrive on campus! I can't wait to meet y'all and share fun times and adventures!

Mike Krueger

Hometown: Wilmington, DE
Favorite part of AIL: White water rafting and camping along the water.
Favorite AIL memory: Taking a break from rafting to jump off really tall rocks along the river!
Do not forget: Some extra socks, a rain coat, and a friendly attitude.
Bio: I'm a rising sophomore majoring in Accounting and minoring in Leadership Studies. From wake boarding to hiking, I love being outdoors. I also enjoy playing guitar and ultimate frisbee. Last year, I chose to participate in AIL because an Elon student recommended the program and it was by far the best decision I have made coming into college! I made stronger friendships on the program than I did with friends I had for years and the program gave me a smooth transition into my first year at Elon. I highly recommend Adventures in Leadership and look forward to meeting you this summer!

Courtney McKelvey

Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Favorite part of AIL: Meeting some of my best friends, jammin' in long van rides, white-water rafting
Favorite AIL memory: Cramming 5 girls into a dorm/tent throughout the week because our small group wanted more time together
Do not forget: A backpack for daily adventures and a sick playlist for the van rides!
Bio: I am a rising sophomore at Elon University, and I am pursuing a major in Television and Cinema Arts and minors in Strategic Communications and Leadership Studies. In my free time I love being in the outdoors and going on new adventures. You can usually find me hiking and backpacking, running, traveling, or attending concerts. Get ready to meet some of your closest friends at Elon and have the best week of your summer!

Josie Reed

Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Favorite part of AIL: Rafting down the New River and spending time getting to know everyone at the campsites
Favorite AIL memory: Cliff jumping along the river and the view from the top of the hike is pretty unforgettable
Do not forget: Bug spray and a good water bottle
Bio: I am a rising sophomore and I am planning on majoring in International Studies and/or Environmental Studies. I love camping and spending time outdoors. I took a gap year last year and travelled to New Zealand and Australia doing environmental community service, and I lived out of a tent for 3 months! Through Adventures in Leadership, I met some of my best friends and it was a great way to transition into my first year at Elon. The program last year was one the best weeks of my summer and I highly encourage you all to come on the program. Looking forward to meeting all the participants and having a blast with everyone! 

Jack Mayette

Hometown: Syracuse, NY 
Favorite part of AIL:Creating new friendships with all of the other participants and going white water rafting.
Favorite AIL memory: Camping along the New River.
Do not forget: A raincoat, open mind, and a positive attitude.
I will be a sophomore at Elon and am hoping to double major in accounting and economics with a minor in finance. I love the outdoors and all sports, basketball being my favorite. I had a tremendous amount of fun during the program last year when I was an AIL participant. AIL is a great way to form new friendships and also get engaged and challenge yourself. I am very excited to meet all the incoming first-year students and am looking forward to having a great time with everyone on AIL.

Megan Moisand


Hometown: Melbourne, FL
Favorite part of AIL: Building strong friendships and camping on the banks of the New River.
Favorite AIL memory: Reaching the top when we were rock climbing.
Do not forget: A pillow and lots of bug spray!
Bio: I am a rising sophomore majoring in Elementary and Special Education. In high school, I played both indoor and beach volleyball year round. I love to travel and to spend time outside, especially at the beach. Adventures in Leadership was an amazing experience and a great way to make friends before even arriving on campus. I met some of my best and closest friends on AIL. Get ready to have the best week of your summer!


Emily Smart

Hometown: Chatham, NJ
Favorite part of AIL: Camping on the New River and white water rafting.
Favorite AIL memory: I loved getting to know the people on my program. There were moments when I could sit with someone new, strike up a conversation, and find some connection to bond over; it’s how I made some amazing friends.
Do not forget: Your favorite music for the van ride, and an open mind to try something new and challenge yourself!
Bio: I am a rising sophomore and plan on majoring in Communication Design as well as minoring in Leadership Studies. I really like exploring my creative side through painting and music. I have a lot of hobbies because I’m the kind of person that likes to go out and try everything. That kind of mindset has led me to do many things, but most importantly, it showed me that I absolutely love anything to do with the outdoors. Whether it’s something relaxing like sitting around a campfire or something intense like rafting, I’ll be there. AIL is a fantastic program because it’s so eventful and exposes you to a new set of people and new experiences. It extremely helpful for the transition into college and it was easily the highlight of my summer.

Cole Vandermast

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Favorite part of AIL:Rock climbing and rafting down the New River.
Favorite AIL memory: Meeting fun and interesting people and making friends that would become like a family to me once I began at Elon. I also loved jamming to T-Swift on the van ride there.
Do not forget: Wool socks, a Nalgene or other reusable water bottle, and a smile :)
Bio: I am a rising sophomore and I  am intending to major in Environmental and Ecological Science and Cinema and Television Arts with a minor in Leadership Studies. I'm really passionate about nature and the outdoors, so some of my favorite hobbies are hiking, camping, and kayaking. I also love to play guitar, ukulele, and piano, and have been trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, Judo, and Hapkido.


Professional Staff Advisors

Brandon MacCallum (Week 1)

Hometown: Murphy, NC
Favorite part of AIL: Seeing students going out of their comfort zone and challenging themselves.
Favorite AIL memory: The first time seeing the view of the New River Gorge from the peak of the hike. It is breath taking!
Do not forget : Sunscreen, Nalgene or Water Bottle, and Water Shoes/Sandals
Bio: I began working at Elon in 2012 as the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, and I have co-supervised the AIL Program since that time. I also oversee several aspects of Campus Recreation including Intramural Sports, Elon Outdoors, Challenge Course and the Driving Range. I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains and have a passion for the outdoors, and the leadership skills that are learned in the outdoors. We have an amazing program prepared for you and hope that you decide to join us this summer!

Carol Smith (Week 1)

Evan Small (Week 2)

Hometown: Burlington, NC
Favorite part of AIL: I love the First-Year Summer Experiences because they provide a great opportunity for students to meet each other and form a connection before arriving on campus in the fall.
Favorite AIL memory: Every year, my favorite part is the relationships I get to make with the students I meet.
Bio: I am the Assistant Director of Student Programs in the Kernodle Center for Service Learning and Community Engagement. My main focus is experiential education programming for students at Elon and helping them make the most of their experience here, both in and out of the classroom.

Stacey Rusterholz (Week 2)

Hometown: Burlington, NC
Favorite part of AIL: My favorite part  of AIL is seeing students build strong relationships with other students and staff. 
Favorite AIL memory: My favorite memory was camping next to the New River. I loved falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the river!
Bio: I started working at Elon in 2012 as the Student Life Fellow for Leadership. I love helping students develop into the future leaders of our world. I am an Elon alumni and married my college sweetheart in May 2013. I love outdoor adventures, gardening, watching/playing sports, and spending time with my friends and family. Looking forward to meeting you all soon!