Campus Recreation & Wellness contributes to the holistic well-being of students, faculty, and staff by providing access to recreational and educational experiences, fostering a sense of community and belonging, and empowering individuals to cultivate positive wellness values and behaviors that last throughout and beyond their time at Elon.


As we serve members of the Elon University community, we offer, model, and embody the following core values:

  • Visionary leadership to make our campus, community, and the world a better place
  • Programs, services, employment opportunities, and spaces to support authentic, meaningful relationships and foster a sense of community
  • A commitment to cultivating a climate of diversity, inclusion, and equity where difference is celebrated and all feel welcome and are able to access opportunities
  • Self-care practices that afford us the capacity to be successful and care for each other
  • Time and space to disconnect, recharge, and have fun

Commitment to Inclusion

Campus Recreation and Wellness values diversity and believes access to a healthy and purposeful life is a right afforded to everyone. Through intentional and ongoing work towards inclusion and equity, we are committed to providing facilities, programs, and services that invite the engagement of all members of the Elon community.

Strategic Plan

TheĀ Campus Recreation & Wellness Integration Plan provides the vision and framework for department operations and programs from 2020-2023 across five strategic themes:

  • Position professional staff to be campus and national wellness leaders.
  • Develop our student staff to its fullest potential.
  • Review and update operational processes facilities, programs, and services.
  • Foster and nurture campus and community partnerships to advance wellness.
  • Ensure the development of facilities that meet current and future needs.