General Information

The Personal Training program offers a variety of training options for the Elon Community to reach their specific fitness goals. Our team of dedicated national certified personal trainers will customize a workout plan that reflects the clients interests and goals whether you’re training for a performance or just starting your fitness journey. To get started, please visit the Campus Recreation & Wellness PhoenixCONNECT page and complete the Personal Training Interest Form.

Personal Training Packages

Body Composition Assessment: A 30 minute assessment where your trainer will measure various aspects of your body composition and provide answers to any general fitness questions you may have.

  • $10 for Students, $15 for Fac/Staff

Individualized Training: One-on-one sessions are built around your schedule, pace, and goals. Get started with our personal training individual package and experience a difference.

  • 6 sessions (Student- $120, Fac/Staff $210)
  • 12 sessions (Student- $240, Fac/staff-$360)
  • 18 sessions (Student- $360, Fac/Staff-$450)

Partner Training: Designed for anyone looking for direction and motivation in their fitness routine and enjoy training with a friend. Work with a trainer to customize and reach both partner’s fitness goals.

  • 6 sessions per person (Students, $90, Fac/Staff $160)
  • 12 Sessions per person (Students $180, Fac/Staff $270)
  • 18 sessions per person (Students $270, Fac/Staff $340)

Personal Program Design: After four one-on-one sessions, your trainer will design an eight session plan that you complete on your own. With a program that fits, you are more likely to maintain the habit and see results.

  • $80 for Students, $120 for Fac/Staff

Please contact Campus Recreation & Wellness at or 336-278-7529 with any personal training questions or concerns.

Meet the Certified Personal Trainers

Photo of Ethan Askarinam .

Ethan Askarinam

Specialty: Resistance training, calisthenics, HIIT

Why PT? I’ve always loved working out and the mental and physical benefits of going to the gym, and I want to share those with others around me.

Fitness/Health Advice: Do what’s best for you, but make sure you step out of your comfort zone.

Photo of Kyle Brody.

Kyle Brody

Specialty: Resistance training and cardio

Why PT? I’ve always had a passion for fitness and love helping others so personal training gives me an opportunity to do both.

Health/Fitness Advice: If you put in the work, you will see improvements over time.

Photo of Allen Fleming .

Allen Fleming

Specialty: Cardio and resistance training

Why PT? Exercise and sport has always been such an important part of my life and has taught me valuable lessons. I want to help give others self confidence in the gym and teach the same life lessons that have been so important to me.

Fitness/Health Advice: Start any new routine by making it fun! As time goes on, you’ll start to like it and the results it brings.

Photo of Lev Goldstein.

Lev Goldstein

Specialty: Strength and conditioning

Why PT? My passion of being with people and working out combined are the reasons why I knew PT is what I want to do.

Fitness/Health Advice: Get better every day.

Photo of Victoria Hagen.

Victoria Hagen

Specialty: Strength and resistance training

Why PT? I want to help people achieve their fitness goals and gain confidence in the gym while having fun!

Fitness/Health Advice: Don’t skip recovery. Rest is just as important as training!

Photo of Nicole McGinty.

Nicole McGinty

Specialty: Cardio and resistance training

Why PT? I see the benefits that exercise has on me, both physically and mentally. As a personal trainer, I love working with people to help them reach their fitness goals, motivating them, and seeing their confidence grow while also gaining those benefits of physical activity.

Fitness/Health Advice: Consistency is key! Show up for yourself – you won’t regret it!

Photo of Zach Pritchett.

Zach Pritchett

Specialty: Strength and resistance training

Why PT? Working out has helped improve my physical and mental strength, and I am excited to help people enjoy the same benefits of working out!

Fitness/Health Advice: If you stay consistent in and out of the gym, results will come!

Photo of Jordan Waite.

Jordan Waite

Specialty: Resistance/strength and conditioning

Why PT? To educate people about the importance of fitness, help them achieve their fitness goals and show them how enjoyable exercise can be!

Fitness/Health Advice: Exercise is good but mental health and nutrition are equally as important.

Photo of Izzy Walsh.

Izzy Walsh

Specialty: Resistance training and strength

Why PT? I love being able to help people achieve their fitness goals and share my passion for fitness with others!

Fitness/Health Advice: Discipline and motivation are the keys to achieving your goals.