Personal Training Overview

We offer a variety of personal training options for the Elon community to reach their specific fitness goals. Our team of dedicated national certified personal trainers will customize a workout plan that reflects the clients interests and goals whether you’re training for sports performance or just starting your fitness journey. To get started, please fill out our interest form here or on the Elon RecWell app and a staff member will contact you as soon as a trainer becomes available.

Personal Training Packages

Individualized Training: Experience individualized fitness support with our 1on1 personal training. Our dedicated trainers create a customized experience, focusing entirely on your goals and unique needs. Through personalized workouts, expert coaching, and consistent support, we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals and achieve a newfound confidence in your abilities.

  • 6 sessions (Student $132, Fac/Staff $210)
  • 12 sessions (Student $264, Fac/Staff $360)
  • 18 sessions (Student $396, Fac/Staff $450)

Partner Training: Experience the power of collaboration with partner personal training. Our tailored sessions combine the expertise of our trainers with the motivation of a workout companion, helping you and your partner achieve your fitness goals together while fostering a sense of accountability and camaraderie.

  • 6 sessions per person (Students, $90, Fac/Staff $160)
  • 12 Sessions per person (Students $180, Fac/Staff $270)
  • 18 sessions per person (Students $270, Fac/Staff $340)

Personal Program Design: Seeking guidance? Start with four in-person 1on1 sessions with a trainer. You will then receive a program to follow independently, ensuring your fitness journey continues with confidence.

  • $110 for Students, $130 for Fac/Staff

Note: Sessions are 1-hour in length. Eligible partners/dependents pay the rate of their Elon affiliated sponsor.

Meet the Certified Personal Trainers

Photo of Allen Fleming .

Allen Fleming

Specialty: Cardio and resistance training

Why PT? Exercise and sport has always been such an important part of my life and has taught me valuable lessons. I want to help give others self confidence in the gym and teach the same life lessons that have been so important to me.

Fitness/Health Advice: Start any new routine by making it fun! As time goes on, you’ll start to like it and the results it brings.

Photo of Victoria Hagen.

Victoria Hagen

Specialty: Strength and resistance training

Why PT? I want to help people achieve their fitness goals and gain confidence in the gym while having fun!

Fitness/Health Advice: Don’t skip recovery. Rest is just as important as training!

Photo of Nicole McGinty.

Nicole McGinty

Specialty: Cardio and resistance training

Why PT? I see the benefits that exercise has on me, both physically and mentally. As a personal trainer, I love working with people to help them reach their fitness goals, motivating them, and seeing their confidence grow while also gaining those benefits of physical activity.

Fitness/Health Advice: Consistency is key! Show up for yourself – you won’t regret it!

Photo of Zach Pritchett.

Zach Pritchett

Specialty: Strength and resistance training

Why PT? Working out has helped improve my physical and mental strength, and I am excited to help people enjoy the same benefits of working out!

Fitness/Health Advice: If you stay consistent in and out of the gym, results will come!

Photo of Izzy Walsh.

Izzy Walsh

Specialty: Resistance training and strength

Why PT? I love being able to help people achieve their fitness goals and share my passion for fitness with others!

Fitness/Health Advice: Discipline and motivation are the keys to achieving your goals.

Photo of Chas Sigloh.

Chas Sigloh

Specialty:  Strength Training, Athletic Performance, Corrective Exercise, Fitness for Beginners, Mobility

Why PT? My passion for fitness, exercise, and movement science is rooted in my pursuit to be a lifelong athlete, student, and coach. Being a personal trainer allows me to share my expertise while learning from each client’s unique story.

Fitness/Health Advice: Drink more water. Put a premium on effort. Care about what you do.

Photo of Mike Swift.

Mike Swift

Specialty: Strength and Hypertrophy training

Why PT: Being in the gym has been life changing for me and I want to help others experience the same physical and mental benefits that I have.

Fitness/Health Advice: Consistency is key! Staying consistent with training and diet makes success just a matter of time.

Photo of Myles Sawin.

Myles Sawin

Specialty: Resistance training and plyometrics

Why PT? I have always acknowledged how much healthier being consistently active is, and PT is a great way for me to help show people that.

Fitness/Health Advice: No one workout or movement is the best, figure out what your personal goals are and stay consistent.

Photo of William Pinkley.

William Pinkley

Specialty: Strength, Hypertrophy, and Holistic Health

Why PT? The gym has always been a great way for me to stay active and tailor my body to my goals. It’s done wonders for me and I want to use my knowledge to help others.

Fitness/Health Advice: Enjoy your workouts! The more you do movements you like the easier it is for you to stick to them and look forward to the gym! Have fun!

Photo of Makeda Sanders.

Makeda Sanders

Specialty: Strength Training and Athletic Performance

Why PT? Ever since 6th grade, I’ve spent hours in the gym every day. I caught on to everything so quickly that my trainers had me help them work with people on technique, leading warm-ups, and teaching new skills. I loved the encouraging environment, which I especially felt when I participated in the boy’s sessions. Working at a corporate gym for the past 2.5 years, I always looked up to my coworkers, and it made me really want to follow in the same path. After years of physical therapy, I learned that being a personal trainer is a big part of that career but could also be started many years prior to completing grad school.

Fitness/Health Advice: Try to be active on a regular basis, even if it is something like bowling or taking a walk. After completing a workout, motivation often can carry over into schoolwork and other tasks. If possible, switch up some of the things you do every so often to prevent boredom, and definitely encourage friends to join you!

Photo of Becca Zlepper.

Becca Zlepper

Specialty: Strength Endurance, Resistance Training, and Fitness for Beginners

Why PT? I became a personal trainer because I have always valued the importance of working out. Now, I enjoy helping people build up their confidence in the gym. I love helping people correct their form and teaching new exercises that you can get confident doing on your own.

Fitness/Health Advice: If you’re looking to boost your overall well-being, working out is an awesome way to do it! Working out can have a ton of benefits that can make you feel amazing.