SPARKS Presentation and Workshop Options

Bring SPARKS to your class, student organization, Greek chapter or residence hall!

SPARKS Peer Educators offer a variety of workshops for classes and student organizations. Please fill out the form below to request your presentation. We do notschedule workshops during first two weeks of the fall se

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HealthEU – Choices (option for Elon 1010 classes)

Choices for Elon 1010 is a peer educator led workshop that explores values, consent, bystander strategies and campus resources. Through discussions and activities, students will evaluate how their values are demonstrated through their choices and the expectations of the Honor Code. Students will be introduced to campus health and wellness resources and learn how to get more involved in well-being efforts on campus. (45 minutes) 


Let’s (Actually) Talk About Sex

An interactive program about sexual decision-making in college. In this workshop students will receive information about consent, protection and contraception, sexually transmitted infections and testing. SPARKS will lead activities that help students understand the importance of proper use of barrier protection methods. Students will be introduced to thinking critically about images of sex and sexuality in the media. (90 minutes) 

Mind-Body Connection

This workshop focuses on the importance of healthy emotions for students to successfully navigate college life.  Particular emphasis is placed on maintaining a healthy balance of social involvement by focusing on the following aspects of maintaining a healthy mind-body connection:  eustress vs. distress, self-care and resilience.  Participants will be provided with on-campus and community mental health resources.  (45 minutes) 

Social Event Manager

The purpose of this interactive session is to provide factual information about risks (surrounding substance use) on and skills you can employ to intervene in a variety of situations you may face on Elon’s campus, not only while representing your organization, but also as a student and friend. Hopefully, you will walk away from this presentation with confidence in your ability to effectively serve as an active bystander and learn new information about substance use. (45 minutes) Suggested audience: Fraternities, Sororities and other Student Organizations