About Sexual Health

  • Sexuality includes physical, ethical, social, spiritual, psychological, and emotional dimensions and is a natural, healthy part of being human.
  • Individuals can express their sexuality in varied ways.
  • Sexual relationships should be reciprocal, based on respect, and should never be coercive or exploitative.
  • Individuals, families, and society benefit when young people are able to discuss sexuality with their peers, parents and/or trusted adults.
  • Young people develop their values about sexuality as part of becoming adults.
  • Young people need access to information about sexual and reproductive healthcare services.

Source: CDC.gov

Free Safer Sex Supplies

Protect Direct Order Form

Please allow 3-5 business days for us to process your order. If you receive safer sex supplies that you did not order or if your order is incorrect please contact Health Education and Promotion programs at studentwellness@elon.edu or by calling 336-278-7375. 

**Note that it is a violation of the Elon University Honor Code to send Safer Sex Supplies to someone without their permission.

    Supplies currently available:

    • External Condoms – b, ONE, & Lifestyles Brands

    • Larger Size External Condoms – Lifestyles Brand

    • Latex-Free External Condoms – Lifestyles Brand

    • Personal Lubricant – Lifestyles Water-Based & Silicone Individual packets (Paraben Free)

    • Dental Dams (Oral Sex Barriers) – Trustex Scented Latex Dental Dams (available in Banana, Grape, Mint, Strawberry, and Vanilla) 

    • Fc2 Internal Condoms (Latex Free)

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    Safer Sex Supplies Stations:

    • The CREDE | Moseley Center 211
    • The GLC | Moseley Center 221
    • The Mind-Body Connection | Koury (Athletics) 146

    Safer Sex Packs:

    • Student Health Services (R.N. Ellington Center for Health & Wellness, 301 South O’Kelly)

    Every type of sexual activity, with or without safer sex materials, entails some amount of risk. Learning about the risks associated with all types of sexual activity allows students to make informed choices about which sexual practices they engage in and what safer sex materials they will use. Learning about risks may also mean that students choose not to be sexually active. Students are encouraged to consult with their healthcare provider to discuss options for contraceptives and safer sex practices.

    Get the Facts – Get Tested!

    When was the last time you were tested? Know your Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Status. The only real way to know if you’ve been infected with an STI is to get tested.

    STI Screening Options:

    Elon Student Health Services provides STI screenings in the Ellington Center by appointment.

    The Alamance County Health Department offers free STI screenings.

    • They screen for: Chlamydia, Genital Warts, Gonorrhea, Herpes, HIV, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Pubic Lice, Syphilis, Trichomonas, and Yeast Infections.
    • All services are free of charge and are available by appointment to anyone requesting service (including minors who do not have parental consent).
    • For additional information or to find out how to schedule an appointment with the Alamance County Health Department, click here.

    The only real way to know for sure if you’re infected with an STI is to be tested. Some STI’s such as Herpes or Genital Warts can be diagnosed by a visual inspection when symptoms are present, while other STI’s may need further tests done such as blood work or taking a culture from the infected area. Its imperative to see a physician at the very first sign of an STI because of the health risks that may occur if left untreated for any period of time.