Frequently asked questions about Elon Women in STEM

What if I decide to change my major to one that is not STEM related?

Elon Women in STEM is in place to help you navigate those decisions and connect you to Elon University resources that will assist you in understanding your options. You are welcome to stay with Elon Women in STEM if you change your major.

Who can apply to join Elon Women in STEM?

Elon Women in STEM is designed for women and female-identifying students in STEM majors, however the program is open to all first-year and sophomore students at Elon University.

How often do I need to attend the Elon Women in STEM sessions?

The minimum requirement for participants is to attend two of the three sessions per semester. We strongly encourage attendance at all sessions.

What is expected of me as a mentee?

A significant benefit of the Elon Women in STEM program is being paired with a mentor in your major. In order to realize that benefit, mentees are expected to engage and interact with their mentor: respond to their emails/texts; reach out to ask questions about courses; seek advice on navigating Elon University; or talk about life in general. We also ask that you keep your mentor informed of significant events, such as difficulty with a class, high achievement on a large assignment or a new direction regarding your major/minor.