Clinical Teachers

The clinical teacher has the primary responsibility for directing and assisting the student teacher on a daily basis. In addition, the clinical teacher participates in evaluating the student teacher at the mid-point and end of student teaching. In carrying out these responsibilities, the clinical teacher is rendering a valuable service to the student teacher, the Elon University Teacher Education Program, and the teaching profession.

Responsibilities of the clinical teacher include:

  1. Plan for the orientation of the student teacher to your classroom and to the school, familiarizing the student teacher with classroom, school, and school system policies as well as with your expectations.
  2. Acquaint the student teacher with available instructional materials, supplies and equipment, furnish copies of necessary textbooks and teaching manuals, and provide the student teacher with a place to work and study.
  3. Acquaint the student teacher with pupil personnel records and the manner in which they are kept and used.
  4. Assist the student teacher to schedule observations in other classrooms, as the schedule allows.
  5. Assist the student teacher in making daily and long-range plans for classroom and school activities, in setting educationally sound standards of evaluation and grading for the class/es, and in establishing a positive classroom environment.
  6. Schedule the teaching experience of the student teacher, gradually introducing responsibility for classroom routines and instructional procedures.
  7. Provide opportunities for the student teacher to observe and participate in various classroom and school activities, such as the grading/reporting system and parent conferences.
  8. Show a willingness to consider new and different techniques. When appropriate, allow the student teacher the opportunity to test theory in practice.
  9. Encourage the student teacher to participate fully in the professional experience of teachers by attending faculty meetings, professional organization meetings and extra-curricular school activities.
  10. Provide for continuous evaluation of the student teacher’s performance through frequent observation followed by oral or written feedback, regularly planned conferences, the mid-semester report, and the monitoring of professional growth plans.
  11. Confer and work with the university supervisor/s in solving problems that   may arise during the student teaching period, and in evaluating the progress of the student teacher.
  12. Discuss the student mid-semester report and the final evaluation with the student teacher.

Evaluation of Student Teachers

At least five formative observations are completed by some combination of the university supervisor and clinical teacher/s for each teaching candidate. These observations lead to a formal evaluation at both the half-way point and conclusion of student teaching for each placement. Additionally, teacher candidates must be proficient in each standard/element of the Certification of Teaching Capacity (CTC) in order to pass student teaching and be recommended for licensure. The student teacher, clinical teacher, university supervisor, and school principal sign the CTC. The university supervisor, in consultation with the clinical teacher, determines the final course grade for student teachers.

Remuneration of the Clinical Teacher

Although Elon University is not able to compensate clinical teachers fully for the important service they render to our Teacher Education Program and to the profession, a small stipend is paid, a Phoenix Card is issued for athletic, cultural, and library privileges at Elon University for the duration of service as a Clinical teacher, and a voucher for full tuition for one undergraduate course is awarded for the service of each designated clinical teacher. The stipend is distributed in accordance with the policies of the respective school systems.