Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education Ambassadors

The Watts Williams School of Education Ambassadors are a diverse group of student leaders who represent and serve as a voice for undergraduate students of all majors/minors within the school. Ambassadors host recruitment events/activities and offer support to prospective and fellow undergraduate students while creating a more meaningful experience in the school.

Serving as an Ambassador is a significant honor within the Watts Williams School of Education. Ambassadors will have the unique experience of serving as a student leader and voice for their peers among faculty and staff, and assist the school in recruitment and retention of highly qualified students.

The program advisor is Jennifer Strange and Abby Saracino ’23 is the President.

Meet the 2021-2022 Watts Williams School of Education Ambassadors below.


Caroline Allen ’23 is a junior majoring in elementary education. Growing up in nearby Mebane, North Carolina, she had a strong love for Elon University at an early age. As a transfer student to Elon, she has enjoyed building connections with her faculty and classmates within the Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education. She has loved building relationships with those who have the same passion as she does in the education world. Caroline wanted to become a teacher for a very long time, and it is a dream come true to be majoring in elementary education here at Elon. She wants others to see how special becoming an educator really is and how well Elon prepares you for having your own classroom one day in the future. One of her favorite parts of being in the Watts Williams School of Education is getting the early experience within the classroom through practicums. She looks forward to welcoming and sharing with other future educators!

Elizabeth Czenczek ’23 is a junior Elon Teaching Fellow and North Carolina Teaching Fellow majoring in elementary and special education. She is from Richmond, Virginia and has wanted to be a teacher almost her whole life. When coming to Elon, she was excited for the close knit community in the School of Education. She was looking forward to all of the student teaching experience she would participate in to discover the true passion for teaching. She has always enjoyed working with kids and is fascinated by how their minds work. Kids are truly the future of this world and she finds it important to give them all the tools possible in the classroom to be something great. At Elon, she has participated in multiple field experiences, volunteered with the Village Project, and assisted Parent’s Night Out. She is excited to serve as a School of Education Ambassador and looks forward to sharing the education community with more people.

Caroline Durham ’23 is a junior Elon Teaching Fellow from Costa Rica majoring in elementary education and minoring in Spanish and TESOL. Though she is involved with several organizations across campus, the School of Education has always been her favorite group of people. Through Teaching Fellows and her time in the School of Education, she has built great relationships with faculty, met some amazing role models, gotten involved in the local community, and been introduced to some of her best friends. She is so excited to share her love of the School of Education with others and cannot speak highly enough of the opportunities Elon can provide. She is so excited and honored to be an ambassador for Elon’s School of Education and is looking forward to welcoming many people into this incredible place.

Genevieve Emerson ‘23 is a junior Honors Fellow majoring in Adventure Based Learning and Strategic Communications. She is from Denver, Colorado, and was introduced to Adventure Based Learning and outdoor education in elementary school. Since coming to Elon, Genevieve has realized her continued interest in outdoor education, and how we can use adventure experiences to foster unique styles of teaching and learning. This passion for Adventure Based Learning is fueling her thesis research, which she will complete in her senior year. She is excited to be a School of Education Ambassador and is eager to spread the word about Adventure Based Learning.

Alexa Goldberg ‘23 is a junior Elon Teaching Fellow, majoring in mathematics with teacher licensure. She is from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and one of her favorite things about the School of Education is the close-knit community which is fostered by the amazing relationships with the faculty and peers. From completing practicum hours in Alamance County classrooms to hopefully studying abroad this spring, she also loves the School of Education because of the countless opportunities they have provided so she may become a better future educator. While on campus, she is involved in Elon Academy as an Academic Coach and CAT Mentor. She is excited to represent the Elon School of Education as an Ambassador and have the opportunity to share her wonderful experiences and love for Elon’s amazing Education program!

Lindsey Hefty ’25 is a first-year Teaching Fellow from Lawrence, Kansas, and is majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality studies. She chose to attend Elon because of the extensive amount of classroom experience students are offered both through placement and volunteer work. Educators hold an important role in creating a better world for all, and the Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education at Elon prepares future educators to do just that. On-campus, she serves as her teaching fellow cohort’s class chair, is involved in the Renegade theatre company, and works in the Teaching Fellows office. She is incredibly excited to continue to become more involved in the school of education and cannot wait to create change through education!

Lily Hill ’25 is a first-year elementary education major with a minor in human service studies. She is from Hingham, Massachusetts and is extremely excited to represent the Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education as a Ambassador. She is studying education because she has always dreamed of being a teacher and thinks it is so amazing how educators can make such a large impact in the lives of their students. The Watts Williams School of Education at Elon stood out to her compared to other education programs because of it’s hands on approach to learning and one-on-one time with the students in the classrooms. She is involved in Elon Outdoors, Elon Runs, Relay for Life: special events committee, and plans to participate in Elon Volunteers as a alternate spring break leader. In the future, Lily hopes to study abroad in New Zealand because it is the hub for education. She also plans to hike Mount Kilimanjaro.

Julie Hoffmeister ‘23 is a junior elementary education major from Needham Massachusetts. She loves the Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education because of the close knit community and all the wonderful professors. She is excited to serve as an Ambassador and looks forward to meeting with prospective students who are interested in the field of education.

Sarah McClelland ’22 is a senior elementary education major. She is from Waxhaw, NC (about 40 minutes south of Charlotte), and is very excited to be able to represent Elon’s School of Education. Although she is involved in other things on campus, Sarah absolutely loves anything to do with the School of Education. There is a real sense of community among the students and professors in this program. As a student, she gets actual experience in local schools and gets to hear first-hand accounts from her professors. She loves that she can ask any Education professor a question, whether they have taught her in class or not, and they are more than happy to help her in any way they can. The mentality in the School of Education is very similar to “no teacher left behind!” Everyone is always willing to offer help and support. Sarah’s is really looking forward to being able to serve this great program by being an ambassador and telling everyone how amazing it is.

Alice Rickards ’24 is an elementary and special education major and a second year Teaching Fellow. She is from right outside Philadelphia; however she is loving the North Carolina weather and charm. She is a teacher candidate in the School of Education because of the professor student partnerships, research opportunities, commitment to engaged learning and a phenomenal support system for those passionate about education. She is involved in the Elon Outdoors club, Yoga club and holds a position as a leader for the Service Living Learner Center. She is incredibly thankful to have the opportunity and privilege to be part of the School of Education, Teaching Fellows program and the Elon community as a whole. Alice is excited to take advantage of every opportunity Elon has to offer.

Caroline Sant ’23 is a junior majoring in elementary education with a minor in early childhood education. She is from St. Louis, Missouri and loves the School of Education at Elon because it has provided her with countless opportunities to foster her love of teaching and connecting with others. The School of Education has introduced her to many service programs including the Village Project, the Little Village Project, and Parent’s Night Out. In the fall, Caroline is studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. There, she has the opportunity to complete a practicum in which she will be going into a Danish elementary classroom weekly. Caroline is thrilled to be a School of Education Ambassador and serve this amazing program.

Abby Saracino ’23 is a junior Teaching Fellow from Oxford, Connecticut and is majoring in elementary and special education. The School of Education is one of her favorite places on campus. Through her time spent in Mooney, she has been able to meet some of the most amazing people, been given wonderful opportunities, and felt tremendous support. When she was applying to schools, Elon’s program stood out as having a strong emphasis on giving students as much experience in the classroom as possible, starting with placements in the first or second year. From practicum to tutoring and connecting with the community, to engaging in research and study abroad options, the School of Education has all of the resources needed to prepare her to become a well-rounded educator. Abby is so excited to work as a School of Education Ambassador and represent her home away from home!

Campbell Stenson ’23 is a junior in Elon’s Elementary Education program with a Psychology minor. From Charlotte, NC, Campbell has always loved working with children. She feels that teachers are some of the most important people in our society; where would we be without all of our teachers? Everyone has that one teacher from Elementary school that they remember in detail despite being so young. The teachers who supported us, encouraged us despite our struggles and doubts, and showed us kindness every day of the year. Campbell wants to be that teacher for her future students. The one that encourages children to push beyond what they think they can do and to follow their aspirations. She was excited to join the Elon Ed community because of the opportunities provided throughout every semester as well as the lifetime relationships created, and Elon has not disappointed. In her free time, Campbell loves to read anything and everything and looks forward to hanging out with friends. She is very excited to be a part of the Elon Education Ambassador team!

Dani Toma-Harrold ’23 is a junior Teaching Fellow from Decatur, Georgia majoring in elementary education and minoring in African/African American Studies and environmental education. She is very excited to be a School of Ed ambassador! One of her favorite things about the School of Ed is that everyone is so passionate about education. All of her professors and peers are committed to changing the world of education for the better. From researching the connection between antiracism and environmental education to tutoring in the Village Project to working directly in the schools during her practicum, the School of Ed has provided her with so many great opportunities to get involved with the community and develop her teaching skills! Most importantly, everyone is willing to support you at any step of the process. She can’t wait to share everything that the School of Ed has to offer!


Madison Trent ’23 is majoring in elementary education and minoring in TESOL. She is from Sparta, NJ. She is making the most of her experiences in the School of Education from research to time in the classroom. Madison participates in The Village Project and is a Curriculum Coordinator for Parents Night Out. Madison is excited to be a part of the School of Education Ambassador Program and help others see what wonderful things happen.

Heidi Weston ’23 is a junior Elon Teaching Fellow from Burke, Virginia majoring in history with teacher licensure and minoring in political science. She is studying education because she believes education is the key to building a better world. Heidi is involved with several organizations across Elon’s campus, but being a member of the School of Education is by far her favorite. During her time with the School of Ed thus far, Heidi has been able to conduct undergraduate research, get involved in the greater Elon community via school placements and the Village Project. She looks forward to studying abroad at the University of Glasgow this coming spring 2022.

Chloe Yoon ’22 is a senior Elon Teaching Fellow majoring in English with teaching licensure with minors in policy studies, poverty and social justice, and TESOL. She is the Student Body Vice President for the Student Government Association and works at the Writing Center. She is from Westchester, New York – right outside the city! Chloe is passionate about education reform and policy, and eventually hopes to pursue a career in this sector after teaching. Outside of the classroom, she is an avid reader, writer, and traveler. Teachers are a crucial aspect to the future generations of creativity and innovation. To be a part of this movement is something she looks forward to.