School of Education Ambassadors

The School of Education Ambassadors are a diverse group of student leaders who represent and serve as a voice for undergraduate students of all majors/minors within the school. Ambassadors host recruitment events/activities and offer support to prospective and fellow undergraduate students while creating a more meaningful experience in the School of Education.
Serving as an Ambassador is a significant honor within the School of Education. Ambassadors will have the unique experience of serving as a student leader and voice for their peers among faculty and staff, and assist the School of Education in recruitment and retention of highly qualified students.
The program advisor is Jennifer Strange and Elizabeth Norvell ’21 is the President.
Meet the 2020-2021 School of Education Ambassadors below.


Abbi Decker ’21 is a junior Honors Fellow majoring in elementary education. I am originally from Portland, Oregon and one of my favorite things about the Elon School of Education is how uniquely devoted the community is to undergraduate research and inquiry! For my Honors Thesis, I am currently conducting research on how students explore, communicate, and perform gender in nature-based education settings. Despite the course load that comes with a major in the School of Education, I want prospective and current students to know that opportunities like research and study abroad aren’t only possible, but incredible supplements to our learning experience here at Elon! I wanted to become a School of Education Ambassador because I hope to help other students find the same home, family, and endless opportunities within the School of Education that I have found. I’m so excited to represent such an amazing program!


Makenzie Mason ’21 is a junior Elon Teaching Fellow, majoring in special and elementary education! I am from Langhorne, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. I love the School of Education because it offers a great sense of community and camaraderie between students and the amazing faculty. The close-knit community fosters incredible relationships with the faculty and staff, long-lasting friendships, and the collaboration skills necessary for teachers to be successful. It truly feels like home! Through my education at Elon I have received valuable experience observing and teaching in classrooms across elementary grade levels, as well as attending professional development, and volunteer-tutoring children in the community. I also completed a five week student-teaching experience in a year 3/4 classroom in Dunedin, New Zealand, through the teaching Fellows program. These experiences have made me a more confident and resourceful pre-service educator! I am so excited to be representing the School of Education, and all of the wonderful opportunities offered here!

Elizabeth Norvell ’21, President is a junior Elon Teaching Fellow from Morganton, North Carolina, majoring in elementary education and special education. I am involved in many things on campus, but being an ambassador for the School of Education is one of my favorites! I love the School of Education because it allows me to build relationships with other students and faculty, gain experiences, and be surrounded by an amazing community of people who want you to succeed. I have had many incredible opportunities, including traveling to New Zealand and spending 5 weeks in a local school, getting to work with children of Alamance county both one on and one and in classrooms, and hearing speakers from across the world. Along with being an ambassador, I am also involved in The Village Project tutoring project, Parents Night Out, Future Educators, and am a global ambassador for study abroad. In the School of Education, I immediately felt welcomed, and it has become like a second home to me and many others. I’m so excited to represent such an amazing program, because I truly believe there’s no where else quite like it!

Dierdre Shivak ’21 is a junior Elon Teaching Fellow from Long Island, New York majoring in elementary education and special education. Although I am involved in other organizations, I have never felt more at home than I do within in the School of Education and the ambassadors. I love the School of Education because it provides endless opportunities, relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime, and pushes you to become a better future educators and a better you! I am so excited to be working with the School of Education Ambassadors to support my peers, future Elon students, and my home away from home!

Maclean Wilson ’21 is a junior Elon Teaching Fellow from Richmond, Virginia. I have known since second grade I wanted to be a teacher and this childhood dream of mine is finally becoming a reality! As I was researching colleges, Elon stood out to me as having an incredible school of education. In fact, Elon was the only school I applied to because I knew the opportunities here were ones I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. Elon has more than lived up to my expectations. I am majoring in elementary education and minoring in early childhood education. I have volunteered as a tutor for local preschool students in the Little Village, worked as a tutor and a college access team mentor for the Elon Academy, observed in a local fifth grade class and spent five weeks student teaching in New Zealand. I am so excited to serve as an ambassador for the School of Education so I can spread the word about its incredible opportunities!

Chloe Yoon ’22 is a sophomore Elon Teaching Fellow majoring in English with teaching licensure with minors in policy studies and poverty and social justice. I am from Westchester, New York – right outside the city! I am passionate about education reform and policy, and I eventually hope to pursue a career in this sector after teaching. Outside of the classroom, I am an avid reader, writer, and traveler. Teachers are a crucial aspect to the future generations of creativity and innovation. To be a part of this movement is something I look forward to.