General Information

Collegiate Start@Elon is a dual enrollment program designed to provide high school seniors with the opportunity to simultaneously enroll in both high school and college courses, and receive dual high school and college credit. The program provides advanced academic options for high-achieving high school seniors in over 40 courses. Students enrolled in Collegiate Start@Elon are eligible to take up to two college-level courses each fall and spring academic semester. Eligible students who are selected to participate are classified as a Special Student through the Elon University Admissions Office.

Admission Requirements

  • Must be enrolled as a high school senior based on school district or home-school requirements and continue to take high school courses during the senior year
  • Must have a cumulative grade point average (unweighted) of 3.0 or higher
  • Must have approval from principal and guidance counselor acknowledging that the student is in good academic standing, able to handle the challenge and rigor of college studies, and exhibits exemplary citizenship and character

NOTE: Submission of SAT/ACT scores is optional.

Tuition and Fees

  • Application fee: $10
    A one-time fee paid by student/parent, must be submitted with the application

    • Application Due Dates: May 1 for fall semester, November 1 for spring semester
  • Tuition: $420
    Students enrolled in Alamance-Burlington School System are responsible for $210 of their tuition and the school system is responsible for $210 of their tuition. Tuition remittance is expected on behalf of the student/parent and school district. Tuition bills will be sent directly to student/parent and school district by the Bursars Office. Tuition payment deadlines must be adhered to as set forth by the Bursar’s Office.

    • Students whose parent/s are employed with Elon University (faculty or staff) may qualify for tuition remission under the policies and regulations established for University personnel. Eligibility questions should be directed to Elon University Human Resources.
    • Students who qualify for free/reduced meal status are eligible for a tuition waiver and book/material assistance. Eligible students must submit documentation from their school system validating eligibility.
    • Students not enrolled in the Alamance-Burlington School system are responsible for the entire tuition.
  • Textbooks/ Materials: Student/parent is responsible for purchasing all required textbooks and/or materials.

Admission/Registration Information

  • Students interested in enrolling in Collegiate Start@Elon must notify their guidance counselor of their intent and work with the counselor to determine the appropriate college course(s) and/or course to be taken. Students must complete and submit application – Collegiate Start@Elon Application for Admission – to counselor/principal for approval.
  • The following must accompany the application: $10 application fee (cash or check made out to Elon University), copy of SAT/ACT scores (optional), transcript, and free/reduced lunch documentation (if applicable). Students will be notified of admission decision via e-mail by the Collegiate Start@Elon office. The Collegiate Start@Elon office will work with students and high school guidance counselors/administrators to secure a space in the student’s preferred Elon course(s).
  • Submit tuition/fees by the appropriate deadline set by the Bursar’s Office.
  • Set up Elon technology accounts.
  • Submit health and immunization requirements via the Phoenix Health Portal. More information regarding health requirements can be found online here.
  • Students are required to attend the Collegiate Start@Elon Orientation in August (fall semester) or January (spring semester).

Transfer of Credits

All courses taken through Collegiate Start@Elon are transferrable college-level courses. However, articulation of transfer credit varies from institution to institution. We highly encourage students to contact colleges/universities of interest for specific transfer articulation agreements and policies. Students can obtain a copy of their Elon University transcript through the Office of the Registrar.

Academic Expectations

High school students enrolled in Collegiate Start@Elon are considered college students of Elon University while on campus. Like our Elon University college students, Collegiate Start@Elon students are expected to uphold the Elon Honor Code and perform at the same level of high academic rigor, maturity and intellectual curiosity to undertake college-level work. Students may be expected to engage in outside class activities/group work and are permitted to work on such assignments in areas such as the library, classrooms, and student center areas. Students are not permitted to work on outside class assignments in the Residence Halls. Collegiate Start students have access to all academic resources and student support services, including the library, writing/tutoring center, computer laboratories, and an academic advisor. If a student enrolled in courses through the Collegiate Start@Elon program receives a final grade of C- or below, the Director of Collegiate Start@Elon has the option to review the student’s record and determine if the student can continue in the Collegiate Start@Elon program.

Course Content

As high school students enrolled in college courses, Collegiate Start@Elon students may engage in critical learning that is both intellectually stimulating and mature in nature. Please be aware that college course content often includes adult/mature subject matter. Students are expected to have a strong-level of maturity to engage in critical dialogue, lectures and presentations.


For more information about Collegiate Start@Elon please contact Lesley Henry, Director of Collegiate Start@Elon at or at 336-278-5861.