Programmatic Offerings

The School of Education is committed to offering opportunities for growth in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We encourage our students, faculty, and staff to take advantage of these programmatic offerings.

The Equity Café

Participants: School of Education Faculty and Staff
  • This serves as a monthly professional development and mentoring opportunity for faculty and staff to further engage in diversity, equity, and inclusion conversations.

Intercultural Learning Certificate Program

Participants: Teacher education students
  • The Intercultural Learning Certificate Program is a new program based in the Center for Race, Ethnicity, & Diversity Education (CREDE) that all teacher education students beginning with the class of 2022 will complete. This certificate program offers an experiential deep dive into issues of social justice, inclusion, equity, and diversity through an intentional structure of an orientation session, academic coursework, co-curricular engagement, experiential learning project, capstone and a digital portfolio capturing your collective experiences.
  • Learn more about the certificate program.

White Caucus

Participants: White students in the School of Education
  • In collaboration with Dr. Scott Morrison, a group of white students will gather together weekly via Zoom to discuss a range of topics, including how to build an effective white caucus, how institutional racism is maintained and how it can be disrupted, and why antiracist education is beneficial for all students. There will be opportunities to talk about guilt, fragility, and accountability.

Educators of Color Network (ECN)

Participants: Students of Color in the School of Education
  • The ECN will serve as a hub for students of color to grow and develop as a community of scholars who have been historically marginalized and underrepresented. As such, the ECN will provide support, mentorship, professional development, and leadership to students of color as they navigate their studies in the School of Education. In terms of identification, the School of Education uses the CREDE’s acronym of ALANAM (African-American/Black, Latino/Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, Native America, Alaskan Native and Multiracial) when using the term students of color.