Secondary Education

Earn North Carolina licensure for grades 9-12 in English, history, and mathematics. Elon also offers programs leading to North Carolina K-12 licensure in music education and Spanish.

Clinical Experiences

The teacher education program emphasizes practical hands-on experience in classrooms as well as educational theory and pedagogy. Students enrolled in secondary education courses have the opportunity to work closely with the local schools and community agencies through a variety of partnerships. Candidates in the teacher education program participate in a variety of clinical experiences in diverse school settings. Early clinical experiences may include tutoring, observing, classroom assistance, small group instruction and, informal assessment, allowing candidates to continually connect their learning to what is experienced in the classroom. The culminating clinical experience for licensure candidates is a full semester of student teaching.

Graduation Outcomes

Graduates of the program will be eligible to receive 9th-12th grade content specific licensure from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. North Carolina licensure requires completion of a major through the appropriate academic department in addition to successful completion of professional studies courses and other requirements. Programs are available in the high school subject areas of English, history, mathematics, and in the K-12 subject areas of music and Spanish.