The Kernodle Center inspires, educates, and prepares students and campus to partner with diverse communities to address local and global challenges, and gain a deeper understanding of their responsibility to actively contribute to civic life. The center serves as the convener of community-based engaged and experiential student learning opportunities in collaboration with faculty, staff, and community partners to address the common good.


Advance a national civic engagement model that prepares students and campus to engage with local and global communities.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Identify as engaged citizens and scholars who partner with local, regional, national, and global communities to creatively impact society’s most pressing needs. (Self)
  • Understand and appreciate the need for justice, equity, and fairness for all members of a community. (Communities and Culture)
  • Consider and appreciate the value of diverse beliefs, ideas, and worldviews. (Communities and Culture)
  • Connect knowledge and experiences from their own academic discipline to their work with communities. (Knowledge)
  • Develop the necessary skills to be active citizens and informed leaders who contribute to our democracy. (Skills)
  • Learn how to explore and reflect on core personal values. (Values)
  • Demonstrate a commitment to work collaboratively with communities to advance the common good and reflect on the impact of one’s actions. (Public Action)