Community Partner Resources and Support

Community Partnership Handbook

The Kernodle Center for Civic Life has created a community partnership handbook with helpful information about how to partner with our office and Elon’s campus. Click here to view the handbook.

Preparing for Partnership

This program is held once each semester and invites local partnering agencies with connecting experiences.  Preparing for partnership helps provide direction for some of the upcoming Kernodle Center for Civic Life activities.  It offers opportunities for training, discussion and access to additional Elon University resources.

LINCS (Leaders in Collaborative Service)

Student leaders work with selected local partnering agencies. The role of these students is to assist with the coordination of Elon student volunteers that serve in each agency. These students serve as a link to the campus and provide a direct connection to the resources at Elon. Learn more about the LINCS program.

Federal Work Study Program

Do you have staffing needs that Elon’s Federal Work Study Service Learning Program (FWSSLP) could assist with? The FWSSLP provides federal funding for current students to earn through part-time employment at a nonprofit or governmental agency. The purpose of these funds is to assist students in financing the costs of their education.

FWSSLP can be of great benefit to your organization because your organization only pays a small fraction of each student employee’s wages after reimbursement. The hourly wage must be at least the Elon student employee minimum wage of $9.00 per hour ($7.25 federal minimum hourly base wage plus $1.75 Elon hourly supplement). As a result, paying a student $9.00 per hour would cost your organization about $1.81 per hour (Elon reimbursement to your organization is 75% of the hourly wage of $7.25 plus 100% of the $1.75 Elon hourly supplement). Your organization is responsible for paying 100% of the wages up front, then you will be reimbursed each month after submitting the monthly reimbursement voucher.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please email Nancy Carpenter at to ask any questions you have, receive an agency packet, get your job posted on the Elon Job Network (Elon’s job posting system) and connect to Elon talent.

Volunteer Requests

Community agencies can request volunteer support for one-time and ongoing events. Click here for more information on how to submit a request.