America Reads America Counts

Rural Education and Poverty (Jamaica) Alternative Breaks Program.

America Reads America Counts is a Federal Work Study program created in 1997 designed to not only educate youth, but to also provide college students with an outlet to fulfill their work study requirements and delve deeper into the community around us. The America Reads America Counts program is designed to enhance reading and math skills of children in Alamance-Burlington School System (ABSS).

Some of the potential benefits of being an America Reads tutor include:

  • Supporting the educational growth of a child/children
  • Gaining hand’s on experiences in a classroom or after-school program
  • Developing an appreciation of and respect for learning and teaching
  • Development and enhancement of transferrable skills
  • Meeting and working with individuals from different backgrounds

To apply to be a tutor or if you have any general questions, contact our America Reads program coordinators via email at

How do I apply to be a tutor?

In order to apply, visit the Elon Job network and find the America Reads America Counts job posting to submit your application.  Interested applicants are asked to submit a resume and interest letter in order to be considered.  After your application is submitted, an America Reads student coordinator will be back in touch with you regarding next steps in our hiring process.

Applicants are screened by student coordinators before being offered a position.

Tutors offered a position must accept their online work agreement, turn in hiring paperwork to Elon human resources, attend an orientation with our student coordinators, and complete the online child protection training prior to starting at their placement.

Tutors must also have to pass a background check in order to be able to work with children at a school.  The cost of the background check is covered by the School of Education.

Do I need to have federal work study and what are tutors paid?

America Reads tutors need to have Federal Work-Study to work. This can be checked by accessing your financial aid package.  If you are still unsure, you can send us your ID number, and we can cross-check it for you with the Financial Planning office.

Tutors start at the student minimum wage and potentially have the opportunity for pay increases over time.

Where will I be tutoring and what age kids will I be tutoring?

You will likely be matched with a teacher at a local elementary school or after-school program, where you will be working with children ranging between the ages of five and ten.

How do I submit my timesheet?

Hours will be submitted both electronically and on a paper time sheet that needs to be signed by your supervisor. The electronic portal is accessed through the OnTrack for Staff and the Self-Service Time Entry. The paper timesheet must be handed in at the Kernodle Center prior to the expected payroll date, with signatures from your onsite supervisor for each day worked. We will cross-check these to make sure that the hours are equal.

How much experience do I need to be an America Reads Tutor?

No experience is needed to be an America Reads Tutor, just willingness to learn from, help, and engage with children in our local school district.

Tutors are ideally motivated, resourceful, dependable, and willing to engage with children in an educational environment.  A commitment to working in racially, ethnically, and economically diverse communities is a must.

Do I have any other responsibilities besides tutoring at my placement?

Besides tutoring at your designated placement, you are expected to attend training sessions on topics that will assist you in your tutoring experiences. Topics are inspired by the needs vocalized by our tutors, and we hope connections are built with teachers that you may not get a chance to meet otherwise.

Is there a shuttle? How do I get to my placement?

Tutors need to drive to their placements on their own and will get compensated for doing so. If a tutor does not have access to a car, we will look to set you up to carpool with a fellow peer.  Driving time to and from your site counts as paid time on your timesheet.  If you do not have a car and are not able to setup a carpool, the Kernodle Center can help you potentially get setup to utilize the campus service car sedan.

How many hours do I work?

You are expected to work at least four hours a week but are welcome to do more to reach your full Federal Work Study package by the end of the semester. We match you with a placement that needs help during your available hours and then you and that supervisor determine your weekly schedule.