Change Maker Scholars

Change Maker Scholars participate in a selective merit-based scholarship program for academically strong students interested in civic engagement and creating solutions to real-world issues. Change Makers at Elon work to develop awareness and understanding of community connections and appreciation for diverse communities and cultures. Throughout their undergraduate experience, Change Makers are presented with opportunities to create and promote civic practices that lead to constructive community participation. They also work with faculty/staff members to aid in their overall Elon transition. Change Makers are encouraged to pursue leadership opportunities connected to topical areas of interest on campus and in the community.

Change Maker Scholars are required to participate in monthly activities and certain course requirements throughout their first two years. Each year the Change Maker Scholar cohorts will have unique experiences that each promote the following learning outcomes below:

  • Scholars will explore and reflect on personal values.
  • Scholars will explore and understand the social structures that cause problems or create inequities in the local community, country and world.
  • Scholars will identify current complex problems.
  • Scholars will apply their disciplinary or personal skill sets to particular complex problems.
  • Scholars will evaluate the effectiveness/success of their actions to being a part of a larger solution.

To learn more about the Change Maker Scholar experience check out this video.

On-Campus Housing Information for Incoming Change Maker Scholars
All incoming first year Change Maker Scholars will reside in the East Residential Neighborhood. To learn more about your residential experience feel free to check out our housing FAQ document.

For more information please contact Mary Morrison, Change Maker Scholars Director, at 336-278-7250 or