Service ELR

Students may satisfy their Experiential Learning Requirement (ELR) through one of the following options:

  • Designated Academic Service Learning course
  • Pre-approved service experience mentored by the Kernodle Center (40 hours)

Designated Academic Service Learning Courses

Academic Service Learning (ASL) helps students gain a better understanding of course content by putting it into practice. Service-learning engages students in real-life settings, working on community issues to connect classroom learning with societal issues. An effective service-learning course involves students in a meaningful community project combined with reflection to process the learning gained from field experience. There are many ASL courses offered each semester in a variety of departments – each is labeled as “SL” in the list of course offerings each semester. If the “SL” is not listed, the course does not qualify for the ELR.

Work with your advisor to identify ASL courses that are labeled with the “SL” designation. For additional information, contact Phillip Motley, Faculty Fellow for Academic Service Learning, at

Pre-approved Service Experience Mentored by the Kernodle Center

Students may also satisfy their ELR through individual service projects. These students must develop a customized service experience that includes specific learning outcomes, a minimum of 15 days of direct service totaling a minimum of 40 hours, and intentional research and reflection activities.

All students are eligible to complete this requirement using the Service ELR Workbook and must follow this process:

  1. Meet with a Kernodle Center staff member for an orientation at the beginning of the fall or spring semester when the ELR will take place (students cannot begin their direct service hours prior to this meeting). Email to request a meeting with a Kernodle Center staff member about the Service ELR.
  2. Students may not begin their ELR after Fall Break or Spring Break.
  3. Complete ALL of the following by the day before Reading Day (email all documents to
  • A minimum of 15 days of direct service totaling a minimum of 40 hours with a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization or government agency
  • Submit all requirements listed in the Service ELR Workbook including a log of direct service hours

Service ELR Resources