Leadership ELR

The Experiential Learning Requirement (ELR) is a graduation requirement for all Elon University students. The ELR expands upon the Five Elon Experiences (leadership development, global engagement, internships, undergraduate research, and academic service-learning) by providing a structure to facilitate and encourage students to practice close observation of the world around them and reflect insightfully about those observations. Students may complete this by fulfilling two units of experiential learning. See Elon’s Core Curriculum Experiential Learning for more information.

The Leadership ELR requires at least one semester to complete the following:

(1) Hold a leadership position on campus and complete the Leadership Development Workbook; or

(2) Complete a Common Good Initiative through approved processes; or

(3) Complete a Leadership ELR-approved course.

  • Whether you want to complete the ELR for a formal leadership role/position or through a self-identified initiative to create positive change, completion of the workbook will enhance your experience by providing you with the opportunity to reflect on and improve your leadership.  Each student will identify an advisor or mentor to help guide their ELR experience.  Approved leadership positions can include a role/title within an organization, campus program, or classroom experience where the student is learning or engaging in leadership practice.  
  • In order for a leadership role to qualify, the leader:
    • Must direct the efforts of a group of people toward a common goal
    • Must be responsible for group outcomes
    • Must be engaged in relationships with group members such that influence is multi-directional
    • Must promote civic engagement or service to the common good
    • Must spend a minimum of 40 hours or more dedicated to the leadership role
    • Must be supported by an advisor, coach, or supervisor who can provide them with ongoing feedback and mentoring.
  • To meet the Leadership ELR you must engage in at least 40 hours of activity during the duration of the project or leadership experience. This means you should meet with the Center for Leadership and start the workbook at the beginning of your leadership role or project.
  • Students who would like to meet the Leadership ELR through a Leadership-ELR designated course should note that only a few courses a year hold this designation. A course being leadership-related, or counting toward the Leadership Studies minor, does not qualify it for this designation; the only courses that qualify have been pre-approved during the prior semester. Exceptions are not made. To find courses that meet this designation for an upcoming semester, search in OnTrack’s Course Catalog using the “Course Type” option at the bottom.
  • Students are eligible to complete 2 units of the Leadership ELR, however, they must be from two distinctly different leadership roles or experiences and a student must complete the reflection workbook for each experience. 

If you have any additional questions about the Leadership ELR, please visit the Center for Leadership or email lead@elon.edu.

Required ELR Information Sessions:

  • On-Demand Information SessionClick Here to watch the recorded information session and take the quiz to prove attendance. (Quiz address in show notes on YouTube)


Once you’ve attended an information session, unless exempted (participants in an established ELR program with the Center for Leadership (i.e.: Elon 1010 Peer Mentors), you will submit an application which will provide more details about your leadership position or project.  If approved you will be added to the Leadership ELR Moodle Course and may begin working on the modules.

  • Spring 2024 Deadline to Apply: Monday, March 4, 2024 (You may apply at anytime up until March 4th)
  • Spring 2024 Deadline to complete the Moodle Course or Specialty Group Workbooks: Monday, May 13, 2024
  • Reminder: Students will receive the Leadership ELR Application Form upon completion of the required information session and video version quiz.
“Knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses can be a blessing, knowledge that you are stronger suited in one area of your life, while in another you need help and support.  Being a leader does not mean you have to do it all on your own, asking for help is always ok.  That is something that has taken me a while in my life to accept that help from others makes you a stronger leader altogether.”
Caroline Morin, Fall 2023 Leadership ELR Participant
“This experience has had a profound impact on my development as a leader.  The understanding of leadership as a relational process has deepened, emphasizing the importance of effective communication, diversity, and constant improvement.”
Brendan Gallagher, Fall 2023 Leadership ELR Participant
“My direct involvement in guiding and motivating a team fosters an appreciation for the importance of relationships, effective communication, and collaboration.  Learning to navigate interpersonal dynamics, provide support, and make decisions that consider the well-being of the team were integral aspects of my leadership development.”
Maya Phinney, Fall 2023 Leadership ELR Participant