Leadership ELR

The Experiential Learning Requirement (ELR) is a graduation requirement for all Elon University students. The ELR expands upon the Five Elon Experiences (leadership development, global engagement, internships, undergraduate research, and academic service-learning) by providing a structure to facilitate and encourage students to practice close observation of the world around them and reflect insightfully about those observations. Students may complete this by fulfilling two units of experiential learning. See Elon’s Core Curriculum Experiential Learning for more information.

The Leadership ELR requires at least one semester to complete the following:

Hold a leadership position on campus and complete the Leadership Development Workbook or Complete a Common Good Initiative  

  • Whether you want to complete the ELR for a formal leadership role/position or through a self-identified initiative to create positive change, completion of the workbook will enhance your experience by providing you with the opportunity to reflect on and improve your leadership.  Each student will identify an advisor or mentor to help guide their ELR experience.
    • Approved leadership positions can include a role/title within an organization, campus program, or classroom experience where the student is learning or engaging in leadership practice.  
  • To meet the Leadership ELR you must engage in at least 40 hours of activity during the duration of the project or leadership experience. This means you should meet with the Center for Leadership and start the workbook at the beginning of your leadership role or project.
  • Students are eligible to complete 2 units of the Leadership ELR, however, they must be from two distinctly different leadership roles or experiences and a student must complete the reflection workbook for each experience. 

If you have any additional questions about the Leadership ELR, please visit the Center for Leadership or email lead@elon.edu.

ELR Information Sessions:

  • Information sessions for the Spring will be held on Thursdays at 4:00 PM on Zoom. The final date for Spring information sessions will be March 9th. 
    • Complete the form below and someone from our team will be in touch to provide more information on the Zoom link.

PLEASE NOTE: You must attend an information session. If you are unable to join a Thursday session, then please email lead@elon.edu to schedule a meeting to begin the Leadership ELR process.

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“The Leadership ELR process pushed me to reflect more introspectively at how my role impacts my organization as well as how my organization functions as a whole, which gave me a stronger and more meaningful context for my leadership role.”
– Ben Lutz ’17

Ben Lutz

“My Common Good Initiative, the Leadership, Inclusion, and Diversity Seminar (LID), was a workshop created to increase dialogue among various departments around topics of inclusion and diversity. The seminars utilized the narratives of students in the department to guide the development of each workshop, making it unique for each community. This experience allowed me to connect my passion for equity and justice with my dedication and affinity for the arts.”
– Tres McMichael ’19