Meet the Class of 2027 Leadership Fellows

Photo of Ellie Agulnek.

Ellie Agulnek

Ellie Agulnek is a first-year student from Chicago, IL. She is thinking about double majoring in Communication Design and Computer Science with a minor in Leadership Studies. Ellie is a Class of 2027 Senator in Elon’s Student Government Association and is actively involved in Hillel and Yoga Club. Before attending Elon, Ellie took a gap year in Israel where she took college classes and volunteered by teaching kids English and working on a farm. In her free time, she loves reading, growing plants, playing Settlers of Catan, and traveling. Ellie is thrilled to be a Leadership Fellow and is looking forward to a meaningful 4 years!

Photo of Cayce Becker.

Cayce Becker

Cayce Becker is a Class of 2027 Leadership Fellow from Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. She is majoring in Public Health with minors in Leadership Studies, Health Communications, and Business Administration. Cayce is actively engaged on campus through Mock Trial, the SGA finance board, and as the 2024 Center for Leadership Community Engagement Intern. In the future, Cayce wants to be a pediatrician. She is excited to continue to grow as a fellow and for the opportunities her Elon career holds.

Photo of Ashley Benson.

Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson is a first-year Leadership Fellow from Overland Park, Kansas. She is planning to major in Political Science and minor in Spanish and Leadership Studies. In addition to being a fellow, she is a Senator for the Student Government Association, a member of Danceworks, Relay for Life, and Phi Alpha Delta Pre-law fraternity. She is looking forward to the next four years with her cohort!

Photo of Gabriela Bobo.

Gabriela Bobo

Gabriela Bobo is a first-year Leadership Fellow at Elon from Oxon Hill, MD. She is currently undecided about majors but is leaning towards items within the computer science field and is minoring in Leadership Studies. She is currently a part of the African Diaspora LLC, and a member of the Acapella group “Melanated Melodies”. One thing she is looking forward to this year as a leadership fellow is getting to know her student mentor throughout her time as a first year and getting to know more about community service opportunities at Elon.

Photo of Jacob Bradshaw.

Jacob Bradshaw

Jacob Bradshaw is a first-year Leadership Fellow in the class of 2027 cohort. He is currently studying psychology on the pre-med track, with a minor in leadership studies. Growing up in Chapel Hill, NC, he didn’t have to look very far before realizing that Elon was his top choice! Jacob enjoys playing sports, guitar, being outdoors for any reason, and spending time with his 3 pets. He plans on getting involved in several student organizations on campus such as Elon Volunteers, and the Center For Leadership. “The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” – Plutarch

Photo of Maggie Deutsch.

Maggie Deutsch

Maggie Deutsch is a first-year Leadership Fellow from Atlanta, Georgia. While in high school Maggie was a team leader for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society Students of the Year project, a member of the National Honor Society, and a student ambassador. She also led freshmen high school students as a peer leader and worked in her school’s engineering lab as a student assistant. Outside of school, Maggie loves to rock climb, read books, and bake for her friends. At Elon Maggie intends to major in exercise science with a double minor in leadership studies and Jewish studies. In addition to spending time with her cohort in her first year, Maggie is excited to get involved in Elon’s volunteering club, climbing club, and Elon Outdoors. Maggie feels so fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of the Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows class of 2027 and is looking forward to an amazing four years!

Photo of Aeiris Faloni.

Aeiris Faloni

Aeiris Faloni was part of a similar leadership group in their last year of high school and loved the opportunity to meet people whom they would have never talked to in other circumstances. Many of these people became best friends. Aeiris was excited to begin building those types of relationships the moment they arrived on campus at Elon and by being exposed to all different life experiences and points of view.

Photo of Delaney Gendell.

Delaney Gendell

Delaney Gendell is a first-year Leadership Fellow from Annapolis, Maryland. She plans to major in Marketing with a minor in Leadership Studies. In high school, Delaney was a member of the National Honor Society, the Environmental Studies Program, Student Athletes in Leadership, and was an ambassador for prospective students. In addition to Leadership Fellows, she is currently involved in the Sustainability Club, Elon Volunteers, and is a member of the Club Lacrosse Team. She is excited to study abroad in the future and join more organizations at Elon!

Photo of Santosh Gopalan.

Santosh Gopalan

Santosh Gopalan is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He will be studying History with a Teacher’s Licensure-BA and a minor in Leadership Studies. On campus, Santosh is involved with the Asian-Pacific Student Association. As a leader, Santosh is invested in making sure that everyone has a seat at the table and making sure that everyone is heard. Santosh has been playing violin for 14 years now and was involved in the Duke University String School Orchestra up until high school. He was also the captain of his JV and Varsity cheer team in high school. Alongside being the captain, he was also the president of his school orchestra during his senior year.  Some of Santosh’s favorite shows are RuPaul’s Drag Race, Friends, the CBS show Mom and many more.

“When you become the image of your own imagination, it’s the most powerful thing you could ever do.” – RuPaul

Photo of Trey Hoffman.

Trey Hoffman

Trey Hoffman is from Durham, NC. He intends to double major in biology and exercise science. In addition to the Leadership Fellows program, Trey is a member of the Elon Football team. He is excited to be a part of the Leadership Fellows community.

Photo of Isabella Hooke.

Isabella Hooke

Bella Hooke is a Freshman Leadership Fellow from Rockville, MD. She is majoring in Psychology and double minoring in Sociology and Leadership Studies. In addition to the Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows Program, Bella is involved in the Latinx-Hispanic Union and the Psychology Club. She also recently just became an official member of Elon Volunteers. As a leader, Bella’s goal is to inspire those around her to become the best version of themselves. One of her favorite hobbies is playing the guitar. She also enjoys watching her favorite TV show “The Office.”

“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it” – Rafiki (The Lion King)

Photo of Hyemin Im.

Hyemin Im

Hyemin Im is a first-year Leadership Fellow from South Korea. She moved to the U.S. (Chapel Hill, NC) in the middle of her Freshman year of high school. Hyemin is pursuing a BFA in Cinema and Television Art and a BA in Media Analytics with a minor in Leadership Studies. Besides Leadership Fellows, she is involved in Elon After Hours, a program run by ESTV. She also participates in the club swim team, lives in the International Living Learning Community, and serves as their representative on the Student Neighborhood Association. She was recently hired as the Multimedia and Writing Intern in the Center for Leadership. Hyemin wants to be a TV series director in the future, therefore she wants to have diverse experiences during her next four years at Elon.

Photo of Wrigley Koch.

Wrigley Koch

Wrigley Koch is a first-year Leadership Fellow from Middlebury, Indiana. She is currently undecided about her major. Alongside the Leadership Fellows program, Wrigley is involved in Danceworks, Elon Volunteers!, and Club Climbing. Her favorite memories within Leadership Fellows so far has been meeting everyone during the Freshman Retreat.

Photo of Meghan Linkkila.

Meghan Linkkila

Meghan Linkkila is from Franklin, Massachusetts. She is currently an Exercise Science major, minoring in Leadership Studies. At Elon, she is involved in the Yoga Club and the Alpha Xi Delta sorority. As a leader, she prioritizes making people feel seen and represented, as well as taking a team approach to accomplish tasks. In high school, she played Volleyball and was a member of a club called Empty Bowls, where she made and sold ceramic bowls, with all of the profits going toward her local food pantry! She loves spending time outside, and is always at Oak House studying or grabbing coffee with friends!

Photo of Jonathan Loeb.

Jonathan Loeb

Jonathan Loeb is a Leadership Fellow in the 2027 cohort, where he is majoring in Exercise Science / Pre-PT, Music, and minoring in Leadership Studies. In high school, Jonathan participated and helped to lead many clubs and organizations. He was the president of the Jewish Culture Club, the Librarian of the band, and the PR representative for a student outreach organization called Students Helping Students. Since coming to college, he has already become a member of the Exercise Science Society, Pre Health Society, Running Club, and Hillel. He plans to continue to get increasingly involved in many more organizations and looks forward to meeting as many people as possible and seeing all of what Elon has to offer.

Photo of Nate Marischen.

Nate Marischen

Nate Marischen is a first-year Leadership Fellow from Cincinnati, Ohio. Nate is planning on pursuing a degree in Exercise Science with a minor in Leadership Studies. During high school, Nate was involved in the National Honor Society, varsity soccer, school ambassador, and the school volunteer club. Outside of school Nate was involved in service trips, volunteering with Sleep in Heavenly Peace, and club soccer. At Elon, Nate is looking forward to being a part of the cooking club, greek life, and intramural soccer.

Rosie McCorry

Rosie McCorry is from Bristol, England. She is thinking about double majoring in Psychology and Public Health along with a leadership minor. On campus, she is involved with the Sustainability Club, Elon Volunteers, and in her free time, she loves socializing and spending time with her friends watching her favourite shows. In the future, she hopes to work with people and help make positive changes in the Psychology field.

Photo of Calvin Monfried.

Calvin Monfried

Photo of Libby Neuvirth.

Libby Neuvirth

Libby Neuvirth is a first-year Leadership Fellow from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Libby is pursuing a BSN in Nursing with minors in Psychology and Leadership Studies.  She is excited for the coming year at Elon and cannot wait for the opportunities ahead!

Melissa Rothschild

Mel is a first-year Leadership Fellow from Cleveland, Ohio. She is pursuing a major in Psychology with minors in Leadership Studies and Sociology. In addition to Leadership Fellows, she is a member of the A capella group, Sweet Signatures. Her favorite memory from Leadership Fellows so far was the name game at the ropes course!

Photo of Amie Sanneh.

Amie Sanneh

Amie Sanneh was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is majoring in Strategic Communications and double minoring in leadership studies and HR management. In addition to leadership fellows, she is involved in Women’s Club Volleyball and is an Odessey Scholar. She is passionate about helping others while making a change in her community. Amie is actively trying to help decrease the rise of homelessness in her hometown by working with local shelters and food banks. Amie likes to visit the local animal shelter in her free time and interact with animals. She is most excited about the future opportunities she gets to experience, like the sophomore trip to Alabama, as well as creating lifelong connections with her cohort.

“A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.” -Arnold Glasow

Photo of Parker Schloss.

Parker Schloss

Photo of Michael Swartz.

Michael Swartz

Michael Swartz is a first-year fellow from Davidson, North Carolina. In High School, he served as the Student Body President while also playing baseball, acting in productions, and working outside of school. Michael is also a Sources of Strength peer mentor for Suicide Prevention and a summer camp counselor for children living with Type One Diabetes. At Elon, he is pursuing a BA in Strategic Communications and Cinema Television Arts with a minor in Leadership Studies. Michael is currently the Freshman Class President as well as a Tour Guide and is very excited to continue his journey as a Leadership Fellow.

Photo of Muhammad Awal Tahiru.

Muhammad Awal Tahiru

Muhammad Awal is a first-year Leadership Fellow hailing from Kumasi, Ghana. He’s passionate about making education accessible to all and has a background in tutoring and mentoring from his high school years. Muhammad Awal is currently majoring in Physics and envisions using his knowledge to contribute to a brighter future.

Beyond his scientific pursuits, Muhammad Awal has a deep love for poetry, finding beauty and meaning in the written word. He believes in a world where hope is universal, and he is determined to contribute to that vision. As a first-year Leadership Fellow, Muhammad Awal is eager to embark on this journey of personal growth and community impact, with an eye toward creating a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

Photo of Olivia Tamburino.

Olivia Tamburino

Olivia Tamburino is a first-year Leadership Fellow from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is an International Business major and has an on-campus job in the Global Education Center. She is also involved in Young Life through Elon and club tennis. Her favorite memory so far is meeting all the new people and friends since being on campus. Olivia is hoping to study abroad in Italy in her junior year.

Photo of Owen Thomas.

Owen Thomas

Owen Thomas is a first-year Leadership Fellow from McGraw, New York. Owen is interested in a degree in Business Analytics. In addition to Leadership Fellows, he is involved in the club ultimate frisbee. Owen is also an active member of Hillel on campus. He can not wait for the next four years.

Photo of Wesly Thurston.

Wesly Thurston

Wesley Thurston is a first-year Leadership Fellow from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. He is planning on majoring in Political Science and Economics with a minor and Leadership Studies. He is employed by Campus Recreation and is a member of the Frisbee Club and Real Estate Club.

Photo of Jacob Weisberger.

Jacob Weisberger

Jacob Weisberger is a first-year Leadership Fellow from Somers, New York. He is planning on majoring in Finance with a minor in Leadership Studies. In addition to Leadership Fellows, Jacob is a member in the Rip Chord Acapella group. He played varsity ice hockey and lacrosse in high school and was the head of student training and recruitment for the Student Ambassadors program for all four years. Jacob is incredibly excited to become more involved with the Leadership Fellows program, and his overall Elon experience!

Photo of Alex Wigder.

Alex Wigder

Alex Wigder is a first-year Leadership Fellow from Houston, Texas. Alex is an undecided major with a minor in Leadership Studies. In addition to Leadership Fellows, he is involved in the Liberal Arts Forum, Baseball Analytics, and Danceathon, He additionally volunteers as a mentor with KING Academy. His favorite Leadership Fellows memory so far was having a deep, intellectual discussion where we all talked about our background and priorities.

Photo of Andrew Xu.

Andrew Xu

Andrew Xu is a first-year Leadership Fellows and a member of the Innovation Living Learning Community. He is pursuing a BA in the double major of Marketing (Sales Concentration) and Strategic Communications and a minor in Leadership Studies. Andrew plays tennis, swims, and enjoys going to the gym with friends. He also enjoys listening to music and creating new memories with friends.