Resources for Student Organizations

The Center for Leadership Organization Development is a resource dedicated to helping organizations on campus with whatever they might need. We offer student and professional assistance to help your organization achieve at the highest possible level.

Our Services

  • Initial consultation with organization leader or executive committee
  • Workshops that deal with building leaders within the organizations, gaining more membership participation, organization conflict resolution and much more
  • Brainstorming with organization members to find solutions to potential problems
  • Helping to plan details for any potential retreats
  • Anything else your organization might need!

Feel free to contact us at

Student Leader Workshops

These workshops are an opportunity for student organization leaders to enhance their skills and gain insight from students, faculty, staff, and community members on various leadership topics. Student Leader workshops are open to all student organization leaders and members; food is provided for those who RSVP in advance. The dates for Fall 2018 are as follows:

Tuesday, September 18th, 6-7pm in Moseley 216

Tuesday, October 2nd, 6-7pm in Moseley 216

Thursday, October 25th, 6-7pm in Moseley 216

Thursday, November 8th, 6-7pm in Moseley 216

Advisor Workshops

These workshops are an opportunity for student organization advisors to delve into conversations with other faculty and staff on best practices and foundations of advising student organizations. Food is provided for those who RSVP in advance. The dates for Fall 2018 are as follows:

Advising and Mentorship – Wednesday, September 26th, 12:30-1:30pm in Ward Octagon (Moseley 105A)

Supporting Wellbeing – Friday, October 5th, 12:30-1:30pm in Ward Octagon (Moseley 105A)

Transitions and Retention – Friday, October 26th, 12:30-1:30pm in Ward Octagon (Moseley 105A)

Consulting Appointments

Come with questions or concerns about anything related to student organizations! Appointments can be made by emailing

Customized Workshops

Request a workshop that meets your organization’s needs by completing our online request form! The Center for Leadership staff is prepared to provide customize workshops in many areas including: Effective Meetings, Transitioning Leadership, Recruitment & Retention, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, and Goal Setting.

Hazing Prevention

Being a part of a campus organization can be beneficial to students and is an important and meaningful part of students’ co-curricular experiences.  Elon wants to ensure it is a safe and enjoyable experience for all involved.  To learn more about hazing and ways you can help prevent it, visit

If you would like to join the Hazing Prevention Coalition, contact Dr. Jodean Schmiederer, Dean of Student Development at

Organization Development Resources

Check out the valuable information in these resource packets!

Marketing Resources

Advertising on Digital Boards: The Moseley Center offers digital posters that students, faculty, and staff can use to promote campus organization and events. Visit the Moseley Center website to find all the information policies and procedures in regards to the digital advertisement.

Advertising on Table Tents: Elon Dining allows student organizations to feature their events on table tents in the dining halls. Visit the Elon Dining website to learn more.

Advertising in Elon News Network: Reach students through advertising in The Elon News Network.

Flyers & Advertisement Policies: Learn more about Elon’s posting policy.

Event Planning Resources

Check out the Student Involvement’s website and the Event Planning website for more information!

Activities for Exec & General Body Meetings

For more information contact:

Organization Development Coordinator – Susan Derasmo ’20