Hilaire Pickett ’08 Leadership Grants

Hilaire Pickett ’08 Leadership Grants will be awarded to two students involved with the Center for Leadership. Awards will be granted through an application process, overseen by the Director of the Center for Leadership. Grants will support students in their junior or senior years to pursue leadership internships or legacy efforts (rising juniors and seniors should apply). Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows are encouraged to apply. The students must demonstrate significant commitment to their organization and academics, and be active in contributions that have had a positive impact on the Elon community. This should be evident by sustained and progressive involvement and exemplary involvement.

To Apply

Students must submit a grant proposal to the Director of the Center for Leadership by Friday, April 17th. The proposal should describe the project, explain its relevance to the student’s goals, make a compelling case for funding, and list any other funding sources sought. Applications should be encouraged to include up to two letters of support, one from an Elon faculty member and the second from either a faculty or staff member with whom the student has discussed their project.

Proposals will be judged on the following factors:  creativity; originality; depth; and demonstration of positive and sustained impact on the organization, and larger community.  Financial need is not a requirement but may be taken into consideration.  The students must be in good standing with the program and the university.

This is an endowed scholarship through an outright gift of the Pickett Family. A minimum $1,500 amount will be awarded to two rising juniors or seniors. The scholarship will be credited to the students account as tuition aid so that it is not taxable. A report of all expenses and a copy of receipts should be included in the grant report.

Please contact the Center for Leadership with any questions.


A brief virtual 15-minute interview will be conducted for selected applicants.

Names will be recommended to the donor for review, and the selection committee will then make final recommendations to the Director of Center for Leadership.

Click HERE to access and complete the proposal

Previous Winners

The 2018 recipient of the Pickett Grant, Tim Boles, ’19  utilized the funding to create a men’s gender equity conference. With Men’s Leadership for Gender Equity, Tim aims to provide a cohort of men and gender non-conforming or nonbinary individuals on Elon’s campus with the opportunity to explore, think critically, discuss, and learn about these various interdisciplinary topics that they may not otherwise be exposed to due to previous graduation and academic commitments. Topics ranged in subjects such as exploring the socialization of gender, developing empathy & compassion, unconscious bias, media literacy (including the impact of social media and pornography), gender equity issues (including pay inequality and the importance of male power dynamics while mentoring people of any gender), allyship strategies, strategies for women and LGBTQIA folks, understanding and utilizing privilege to advocate and create change.

Below is a list of previous winners and their proposed project.


Tim Boles, Men’s Leadership for Gender Equity


Jenny Fukunaga, Elon Student Engagement in Alamance County
Tyson Glover, Food Drivers – Student Drivers Delivering Good


Joshua Cadorette
Danielle Nasser, Phoenix Flops


Victoria Ford, Feeding Children Everywhere Internship
Rachel Krauss, The Cinderella Project


Gabby Vance, Increasing Civic Engagement during a Non-Presidential Election Year


Chris Essman, Caritas Internship
Jensen Roll, Helping Other People Eat (HOPE)