Sustained Activism for Social Change

Elon University students are motivated, passionate and inspired to bring about change and social change comes in many forms. With contributions from the Council of Civic Engagement, the Center for Race, Ethnicity, & Diversity Education, the Center for Leadership, and the Kernodle Center for Civic Life you will find curated resources as you embark on your social change journeys. We invite you to visit our offices for additional resources and questions.

Social Change Model:

Video: The Social Change Model 

Demonstrations & Protests:

Elon Guidelines for Student Demonstrations
Elon Statement of Commitment to the Values of Freedom of Expression and Inclusivity
ACLU Know Your Rights – Protester’s Rights

Voting & Volunteering:

Elon Votes
Elon Volunteers
ACLU: Know Your Rights: Voter Rights
When We All Vote: Know Your Voting Rights Guide

Virtual Civil Rights Leadership Tour


Each year, participants from the Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows program take a class called “Disarming Injustice: Nonviolence in the Civil Rights Movement” and participate in a Civil Rights Leadership Tour. Our study of the Civil Rights Movement focuses on events and leadership at the center of the movement. After spending time in class, we explore the impact of the movement on a travel learning journey and then apply the lessons learned to the emerging civil rights movement we find ourselves in today.

This year, the journey will be virtual, but will still provide an intentional deep dive in learning and engagement. Through speaking engagement and programs, students will increase their understanding of how they can take part in disarming injustice.  We’ve curated an intentional experience and identified a variety of events, programs, keynote speakers, and more that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home or office. Please click the link below to learn more about the different offerings.

Virtual Civil Rights Leadership Tour 

Good Trouble: Sustained Activism

“Good Trouble: Sustained Activism” Through this workshop series, it is our goal to bring forth the narratives of those that are creating change in the communities they are in. We are inviting people that are doing activism work in a variety of ways. Through the narratives of invited guests, it’s my hope that students will be able to engage with leaders who are creating change within their communities, learn strategies to engage in different forms of activism, and be inspired to make “good trouble”. Through thought-provoking authentic stories, panel discussions, and information sharing, this series aims to add value to our students’ work to move from social justice moments to sustained movements.

November 15th, 6 PM, Moseley 215 
“Good Trouble: Sustained Activism through Photography”: Join us for an engaging conversation with Dr. Tony Crider who, through the use of photography, elevates the camera from being a functional tool to a means of creating sustainable change. Learn how, through his work, Dr. Crider captures different moments and movements.

Fall 2020 Leadershops:

“Protesting: Understanding Your Rights” 

Check the recap from our time with representatives from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in a conversation around protests. During this workshop, participants gained information on protester safety, rights and responsibilities as well as the various ways to engage in protest and demonstration activity.