School of Education

Candidate success in teacher education programs

Disposition assessment

Candidate dispositions will be assessed in designated courses using either the "short" form in courses without field experiences or the "long" form in courses with field experiences.

Process when concerns arise

While serious concerns about the performance or growth of our candidates do not often occur, when a concern exists, it is best for the candidate and program to address it honestly and directly. For this purpose, the Professional Dispositions and Academic Performance (PDAP) process has been created.

The PDAP process documents the interventions required for teacher candidates who demonstrate inadequate performance in their professional dispositions and/or academic coursework. We believe that teacher candidates with excellent academic performance and posititve dispositions are well prepared to teach and lead in their classrooms and have a positive impact on student learning. A grade of C or better is required in all EDU courses.

Information provided during this process is designed to be of value to the candidate in planning for growth and to the Teacher Education Program and faculty in facilitating growth. The information may have important implications in decisions regarding admission to Teacher Education, continuance in the program, admission to student teaching, and recommendation for licensure.