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Teacher Candidate Learning Outcomes

The following learner outcomes for teacher candidates grow out of the Conceptual Framework, "Thoughtful Practice in a Community of Learners."


  1. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the subject area(s) for which they seek licensure.
  2. Use knowledge of students’ learning process to inform instruction.
  3. Demonstrate understanding of pedagogical knowledge relevant to the subject area(s) for which they seek licensure.
  4. Choose appropriately from among multiple instructional strategies to promote optimal student learning.
  5. Choose appropriately from among a variety of resources, including technology, to promote active student learning.


  1. Seek to understand students’ family and community, collaborate with parents and professional colleagues and establish a knowledge building community to inform practice.
  2. Inquire, actively and persistently, about student learning through the use of a variety of assessment procedures.
  3. Analyze, through reflective practice, the effectiveness of their instruction and make appropriate adaptations to maximize student learning.


  1. Establish positive classroom learning environments that support the social and academic growth of students.
  2. Hold high expectations for the academic and social growth of all students.
  3. Seek opportunities to further personal learning and professional growth.
  4. Demonstrate enthusiasm and respect for the profession of teaching.