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SMART interactive whiteboards are available in Mooney 202 and 206 and in many Alamance-Burlington K-12 classrooms as well as other locations on Elon's campus. Computers in these rooms that are connected to the boards have the necessary drivers for the boards to be interactive and also have SMART's Notebook software on them.

Notebook software version 11.4 is also installed on ALL computers in both Mooney labs, 201/Windows and 202/Mac, and you may be able to download/install it on your own laptop (see instructions amd requirements below). Lessons and activities created on other computers and saved as Notebook files can be used on any computer connected to a SMARTBoard as long as the computer connected to the board has the drivers and Notebook software.

For additional help with SMART Boards, check the following:

Downloading Notebook software on your own computer

Due to recent changes in how SMART licenses Notebook software, if you want it to work beyond a limited trial period, you should NOT download anything higher than Notebook version 11.4. If you download a higher-numbered version (14 or above), it will work for 90 days, but you will NOT be able to use an Elon-provided license key to activate your software and have it work beyond 90 days. Area P-12 schools are still using version 11 too.

Mac users please note if your Mac is running OS 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher, Notebook 11.4 is NOT compatible, so your only option is to download the 90-day trial of a later version of Notebook and to purchase your own license if you wish to use it beyond 90 days.

Another option for anyone (Mac or Windows) using any computer that does not have Notebook installed is to use an online version of Notebook called Notebook Express - not as many tools and features as Notebook, but works in a pinch. You can create new, open existing, and save Notebook files from/to your computer and display them as long as you have Internet access. 

Visit SMART Notebook in Elon's technology wiki for instructions on how to download and install a 30-day trial (can be activated to be used indefinitely) of SMART Notebook 11.4 software and SMART board drivers on your own computer. Read the instructions all the way through before going to SMART's download site. From the wiki page, you as an Elon student or professor, can also obtain an activation key for Notebook 11.4 so that your use is not limited to 30 days. You can opt to download limited-time trials of other SMART products at the same time. Please understand that the Elon-provided activation key ONLY works for SMART Notebook 11.4 or lower, not for any of the other programs as they require licensing we do not have.

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