Phoenix Cup

The Phoenix Cup is a series of competitions aimed at reducing our collective ecological footprint.  To compete participants pledge to conserve energy or reduce waste during the competition and encourage others to do the same. The competition is open to students, faculty and staff.

Phoenix Cup: Energy
Fall competition that focuses on energy conservation.

Phoenix Cup: Waste
Spring competition that educates participants about consumption habits and engages participants in behaviors that minimize landfill waste.

Winners Phoenix Cup: Waste, 2018










Top Individual Students: Azzurra Catucci, Carmen Margiotta, Julia Needham

Top Individual Faculty/Staff: Barb Carlton, Emily Krechel, Janet Myers

Top Buildings in Each Neighborhood: Colonnades C, Danieley P, Global D, West, Station at Mill Point 141, and Oaks C

Top Fac/Staff Team: Librarians on Greene

Winners, Phoenix Cup: Energy, 2017









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Top Individual Students: Julia Needham, Schott Echols, Maurice Tosé

Top Individual Faculty/Staff: Melissa McBane, Barb Carlton, Ginny Brown

Top Buildings in Each Neighborhood: Colonnades C, Danieley M, Global A, the Innovation House, Sloan, Station at Mill Point 141, and Oaks B

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