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RecycleMania is an 8 week annual spring contest in which colleges and universities from the U.S. and Canada compete to see which institution can collect the largest amount of recyclables per capita, the largest amount of total recyclables, the least amount of trash per capita, or have the highest recycling rate.

RecycleMania 2014 is from February 2 - March 29

With efforts from Elon Environmental Services and students, Elon has participated in RecycleMania since 2007, and until 2013 held its own Resident Area Competition to determine which area could recycle the most per capita.

You can be a RecycleManiac all year long by putting items in the correct bins.  Visit the Recycling Initiatives page to find out which items are collected at Elon and where.


POWERless is a three-week energy competition among residence halls. Its primary purpose is to increase awareness and practice of energy conservation behaviors while having fun.

To date, students have conserved more than 820,000 kWh over the course of all Elon’s POWERless competitions. The first competition was in 2008 and resulted in a reduction of over 100,000 kWh. This successful first competition led to POWERless being a regular event on campus.  It is now held each semester.

Starting in 2012, results from spring competitions are added to those of other universities and colleges across the nation for Campus Conservation Nationals.

Energy is tracked through Building Dashboard. This web-based system provides real-time energy use for most buildings and allows for building energy use to be compared.  It also converts kWh to the equivalent dollar savings and carbon emissions.

Visit the POWERless web site to learn more about the prizes for this semester’s competition and to view results from previous competitions.