The Office of Sustainability's mission is to advance sustainability at Elon by helping to streamline and improve university operations and developing and fostering educational programs.

The Office works toward this mission by collaborating across the campus and overseeing and coordinating sustainability programs and initiatives. Key areas of focus include: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving resources and educating the community. An overview of select campus initiatives can be viewed here.


2004 President Lambert appoints the Environmental Advisory Council (EAC).
2006-2007 Environmental Advisory Council develops the initial Sustainability Master Plan.
2008 Elon hires its first, full-time Sustainability Coordinator, Elaine Durr.
2009 Elon Commitment Strategic Plan features sustainability under theme eight.
2010 Climate Action Plan is developed. Sustainability Coordinator position evolves into Director of Sustainability.
2011 Elon becomes a STARS participant and earns a Silver rating.
2015 Elon completes updated Sustainability Master Plan.


Elon University’s Sustainability Policy clearly identifies Elon’s commitment to sustainability and provides a series of goals that will serve as the guiding principles for Elon’s sustainability initiatives. It was created using the initial Sustainability Master Plan as a guide and is meant to complement it rather than supersede it.

Elon University’s initial Sustainability Master Plan was created by the Environmental Advisory Council at the request of President Lambert in 2006. It identifies campus practices already in place that were reducing Elon’s environmental impact and lists several recommendations to expand Elon’s efforts.

An updated Sustainability Master Plan was completed in 2015. It was developed by the Office of Sustainability and 2014-2015 Environmental Advisory Council. The updated plan builds upon the successes of the initial plan and focuses on the next 10 years.

University Environmental Advisory Council

Elon University’s Environmental Advisory Council is a standing Council of faculty, students and staff whose members are appointed by the President. Members typically serve a two-year term. The role of the Council is to raise awareness of environmental issues and sustainable practices and promote environmental awareness. The Council may make recommendations to the President on new sustainability initiatives to undertake or improvements to current initiatives. 

The current Council members are as follows:

Alexandra Attanasio
Student Representative, Class of 2018

Robert Buchholz
Associate Vice President for Facilities Management, Director of Physical Plant

Janet Cope
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy Education

Samantha DiRosa
Associate Professor of Art and Environmental Studies, Faculty Fellow for Sustainability

Elaine Durr
Director of Sustainability

Jen Hamel
Assistant Professor of Biology

Kelly Harer
Assistant Director of Sustainability for Education and Outreach, Office of Sustainability

Nancy Harris
Associate Dean of Elon College

Emily Krechel
Director of New Student & Transition Programs

Derek Lackaff
Assistant Professor of Communications

Merissa Lawson
Director of Development Research

Louisa Sholar
Student Representative, Class of 2020

Gerald Whittington
Senior Vice President for Business, Finance and Technology and Associate Professor

Dan Wyar
Director of Athletics Communications