Student Opportunities: Eco-Reps 

The Eco-Reps Program is a peer education program dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmentally responsible behaviors. Eco-Reps (student peer educators) educate their peers about sustainability issues, such as population growth, resource consumption and waste generation, through three primary outlets: promoting and raising awareness of sustainability related programs; coordinating with Residence/Greek Life staff to incorporate sustainability into programs; and delivering Sustainable Living lessons to Elon 101 and COR 110 courses as requested.

Eco-Reps also get involved in various environmental awareness events and activities on campus such as POWERless, Earth Week and RecycleMania. Eco-Rep are hired in the spring for the following academic year.

Click here for program description, requirements and qualifications.

To request a Sustainable Living lesson for your class, please click here.

Hiring for spring 2015!

Applications to be an Eco-Rep for the Station at Mill Point and expanded housing are now being accepted through November 19th. To apply complete this application form.

Meet the Current Eco-Reps!


Mackenzie Conley, Station at Mill Point & Expanded Housing

Year: Class of 2016

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Major(s) / Minor: Environmental Studies / Political Science

Fun Fact: I have eaten Guinea Pig before which is considered a culinary delicacy in Peru.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Use a reusable bottle! It is better for you and for the environment. Also, there are some restaurants that will give green discounts if you ask to put your drink in your reusable bottle. Even if they don’t, it still saves a cup from being thrown away or going through a dishwasher cycle!


Marlena Fernandez, Colonnades

Year: Class of 2016

Hometown: Accokeek, MD

Major(s) / Minor: Civil Engineering &Physics / Applied Mathematics & Environmental Science

Fun Fact:I held a white-faced monkey while in Costa Rica.

Sustainable Living Tip: Eating local means you eat fresher products and you support the local community.  Try finding local farmer's markets wherever you go!



Corinne Haywood, Loy Center

Year: Class of 2015

Hometown: Durham, NC

Major(s) / Minor: Environmental & Ecological Science / Biology

Fun Fact: I have seen over 100 bands/artists live in concert!

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Don't take a bag at a store if you only have a few items!  Offer to carry the items or the best option as always is to bring a reusable bag!



Devon Johnson, Historic

Year: Class of 2017

Hometown: Old Greenwich, CT

Major(s)/Minor(s): Environmental Science / Policy Studies

Fun Fact: I swam in the Great Barrier Reef

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: When driving, accelerate and drive slower to decrease vehicle emissions.



Samantha McCabe, Global

Year: Class of 2017

Hometown: Delran, NJ

Major(s) / Minor: Environmental and Ecological Science

Fun Fact: I took sign language my first semester at Elon and would love the opportunity to learn more.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Because they are different types of plastics, some cities will not recycle a water bottle if the cap is still on.  Play it safe by removing the caps from your water bottles, andrecycling them separately.


Nico Merrit, Historic

Year: Class of 2017

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Major(s) / Minor: Environmental Engineering / Peace and Conflict Studies

Fun Fact: I have broken six bones in my body.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Using sunlight whenever possible not only saves energy, but is good for your mental health.



Katie Perry, Danieley

Year: Class of 2017

Hometown: Cumberland, ME

Major(s) / Minor: Environmental and Ecological Sciences / Philosophy

Fun Fact: I took a gap year after high school and backpacked around Central America.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Compost! It’s an easy way to produce great soil while generating less waste!



Liz Van Hise, Oaks

Year: Class of 2016

Hometown: Ewing, NJ

Major(s) / Minor: Environmental Studies / Italian Studies & Professional Writing

Fun Fact: I love going camping during the summer!

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Unplug appliances you aren't using!