Past Interns: Wisdom & where they are now

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Emily Forinash, '14

Sustainability Intern, Eco-Rep Coordinator 2013-2014

Major: Environmental Studies and International Studies

Current Job: Chesapeake Conservation Corps Member at the William S. Schmidt Outdoor Education Center

Words of Wisdom: Take advantage of the networking resources Elon has to offer.  Knowing someone in your field is a huge help when first entering the job market.  Never lose motivation to find your perfect career!

Michele Guthrie, '14

Communications Intern 2012-2013

Major: Strategic Communications

Current Job: Advertising Operations Coordinator with Targeted Victory (a digital advertising firm) in Alexandria, VA

Words of Wisdom: Never give up the opportunity to experience something new! Whether it's traveling, taking a class outside your major, or making new friends, you'll be surprised by how much you can learn and enjoy with a little change of environment.

Lauren Hoerr, ‘14

Sustainability Intern, Eco-Rep Coordinator 2012-2013

Major/Minor(s): Environmental Studies, BS / Sociology and GIS

Current Job: Graduate Intern for Public Place Litter and Recycling Program at Seattle Public Utilities, pursuing Masters of Public Administration and Masters of Urban Planning at University of Washington.

Words of Wisdom: "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." --Gandhi 

Samantha Jones, ‘13

STARS Intern Summer 2012

Major/Minor(s): Environmental Studies / Communications

Current Job:  Retail Solar Advisor at Sungevity in Oakland, CA

Words of Wisdom: Make sure that each thing on your resume is meaningful in some way to what you want your ultimate goal to be. Be genuine, be humble and be honest. If you have to fake anything you’re doing, it’s not the right job for you.  Have passions and relate them to your career!

Christian Jones, ‘13

Education and Outreach – Public Relations Intern 2012-2013

Major/Minor(s): Physics B.S. / Applied Mathematics

Current Job: Environmental Planner at AECOM in Morrisville, NC

Words of Wisdom: Effective communication skills are very important in the work place. Whether it is gaining support for a campaign, seeking funding for a project, or even getting a job. This was a skill that I was able to apply and improve while interning with the Office of Sustainability and have continued to use post-graduation.

Nicole Monge, ‘13

Green Building Education Intern 2012-2013

Major / Minor(s): Strategic Communications

Current Job: APCO Worldwide, New York, NY

Words of Wisdom: Enjoy your time at Elon, savor every minute of it and take advantage of every opportunity you are given. We as Elon students and alum are extremely fortunate to be given the opportunities we have, seize every single one of them. 

Becky Wickel, ‘13

Education and Outreach – Public Relations Intern 2012-2013

Major/Minor(s): Print, Online Journalism / American Studies & Asian Studies

Current Job: Digital Communications Coordinator at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA

Words of Wisdom: Push yourself to take courses that aren’t related to your major.

Kristi Jacobsen ‘12

Education and Outreach Intern 2011-2012

Major/Minor(s): Strategic Communication/ Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Business Administration

Current Job: Outreach Coordinator for Advanced Energy in Raleigh, NC. 

Words of Wisdom: Follow your passions and never give up trying to find an internship or job position where your skills are truly put to good use. It can get frustrating at times, but once you find the perfect place you'll be happy that you put in the hard work to get there. 

Jen Tremblay ‘12

GHG Intern Summer 2011

Major/Minor(s): Biology, Spanish and Latin American Studies (minor)

Current Job:  Assistant Scientist in the Quality Control Group for BASF Plant Science located in Research Triangle Park, NC

Words of Wisdom: Take advantage of all that Elon has to offer and do not be afraid to explore new interests. Also, enjoy your time there because it goes by faster than you can ever imagine!

Molly Schriber ‘11

Green Building Education Intern 2010-2011

Major/Minor(s): Environmental Studies and International Studies

Current Job: Assistant Director of Operations at the International School for Earth Studies in Quebec, Canada.

Words of Wisdom: Be super friendly and smile a lot. Always have your customers, clients or coworkers best interest at heart.

If you don't get along with coworkers, your work will reflect it and you'll need to find something else to do. 

Always have the bigger picture in mind and strive to have a positive impact.  

Brittany Siciliano, ‘11

Sustainability Intern, Eco-Rep Coordinator 2010-2011

Major: BS Environmental Studies

Graduate School: University of New Hampshire, MA in Environmental Education.   

Current Job: Sustainability Coordinator through LISC AmeriCorps at People’s Emergency Center in Philadelphia. 

Words of Wisdom: Elon cares very much about your success in and out of college but it is up to you to take advantage of what they have to offer. You are learning the skills that you will be using throughout your career so take great care with assignments and enjoy the extracurricular activities. I suggest having Elon look over your resume while you're still in school and talking to career services about interviewing and other aspects of looking for a job. But most importantly have fun. Elon has given me some of my most memorable moments and I am so grateful for every one of them. Have fun, be safe and realize that Elon is a one of a kind experience so take advantage of the time you have.

Nick Dioguardi, ‘10

Sustainability Intern Spring 2009, GHG Intern Summer 2009

Major / Minor(s): Environmental Studies, BA / GIS and Geography

Current Job: Park Ranger for the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources at William B. Umstead State Park in Raleigh, NC.

Words of Wisdom: Number one, make the most of your time at college. You'll only regret the things you don't do so do everything you can during your time here. Looking back and wishing you had taken a class or did an intramural sport or even just talked to that cute guy/girl at the gym is no fun.

Number two is that when you graduate, if you have the means and the ability to do so, take some time and travel somewhere you've always wanted to go. I drove across country and rode my bike down the coast of Washington and Oregon and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I learned a year’s worth of college education in that trip alone. This may be the last time for quite a while that you won't have work or family obligations so take advantage of it if you can.

And lastly, while you should try to keep focused on a career goal, don't think that you're too good for any job that presents itself to you and pays the bills. If you have to work in a restaurant or as a plumber or stocking shelves at a grocery store while you figure out what you want to do, do it. In the end, you won't regret any job that you worked hard at and gave your all.