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The Elon Challenge Course

The Elon Challenge Course is a high and low ropes course located on 18 wooded acres just  ½ mile away from Elon’s main campus. At the Elon Challenge, participants work together to reach beyond their perceived boundaries, overcome obstacles and experience success in a variety of problem-solving initiatives and ropes course elements.

Who is the Elon Challenge Course for?

  • Elon 101 Classes
  • Greek Organizations
  • Club Sports or Varsity Athletic Teams
  • Residential Neighborhoods
  • Student Organizations
  • External Groups (Schools, Businesses, Churches)

Courses Offered

Every Challenge Course experience is different: you can learn something new about yourself and your group every time you participate.  We do our best to ensure that your custom-designed itinerary will both meet your group's goals and also provide new challenges for the participants.

Low Ropes Course
The Elon Challenge Course features a low ropes course that consists of 16 fixed elements and numerous team-building initiatives that physically and mentally engage participants. Low ropes initatives are a great way for groups to strengthen communication, trust, problem-solving, relationships, and more.  Group members work together by contributing ideas, support, and effort to complete the challenges. Participants are guided through a reflective process at the end of each activity that helps them apply insights from the exercise to other life situations.

High Ropes Course
The Elon Challenge Course features several high ropes activities, including a zipline. On a high ropes course, participants are harnessed in and climb to around 40 feet while also completing a variety of challenges. High ropes elements, unlike low ropes courses, focus more on individuals and how the team can best support and encourage them. There are opportunities to be involved in a variety of levels and to personally challenge yourself and others. Teambuilding is accomplished through cooperation and encouragement.

Plan Your Experience Today

If you would like to take your group to the Elon Challenge, please complete the Challenge Course request form below. Please be as detailed as possible so we can best plan your group's experience. We will review your request and communicate via email for details, logisitics and confirmation. Please contact the Challenge Course staff at for more information.

Course Rates


Elon Groups

External Groups
(Non Profit)

External Groups


Group Size < 30: Free

Group Size >31: $40 per 15 participants

Group Size <15: $25 per participant

Group Size >16: $30 per participant

Group Size <15: $50 per participant

Group Size >16: $55 per participant


Group Size < 20: Free

Group Size <20: $35 per participant

Group Size <20: $60 per participant

**Course Rates are subject to change depending on group requests, staffing availablity, and resources needed.

Still have questions? Check out our Challenge Course - Frequently Asked Questions page.

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