Reasons to Join a Greek-lettered Organization


• Fraternities and sororities recognize the importance of academics and encourage their members to excel in the classroom
• Current members are able to connect with alumni through their organization to seek guidance regarding resumes, internships, jobs, and the post-graduate experience
• Educational programs provide members with the tools and connections to succeed at Elon and beyond
• Many fraternity/sorority members are leaders in other organizations on campus
• Academically, those affiliated with fraternities and sororities at Elon perform above the university GPA
• Honors Societies recognize students who excel in academics and leadership
• Affiliated students use the skills they acquire through their organization in their professional life

Personal Development

• Fraternity/Sorority members seek leadership roles within their chapters and fraternity/sorority life as well as in other organizations across campus
• Through experiences within an organization, fraternity/sorority students learn to work as a team and gain valuable transferable skills
• Become more involved in the on-campus community and in the local area through service and philanthropy events
• Joining an organization is a lifelong commitment, which allows you to give back to your organization in your post-graduate life

Lifelong Friends

• Meet people you may not have otherwise and develop bonds that will last a lifetime
• Develop meaningful friendships based on core commonalities
• A network of close friends creates a support system for you at Elon
• Members have the opportunity to live with their brothers and sisters in the Loy Center
• Greek-lettered organizations host alumni events throughout the year that allow graduates to stay connected with their organization and Elon

Social Activities

• Participate in events and have new experiences on campus
• Chapters encourage their members to be involved in other organizations at Elon
• Fraternity/sorority members bond by studying, attending sporting events, participating in other Greek-lettered organization’s philanthropy events, and much more
• Chapters host events such as date functions, formals, and philanthropy events that bring members together and enhance their college experience