Eco-Reps are peer educators dedicated to furthering sustainability by promoting ways for students to adopt more environmentally and socially responsible behaviors. Eco-Reps educate their peers about environmental and sustainability issues through three primary outlets: coordinating with Residence Life staff to incorporate sustainability themes or practices into residential programs; delivering Sustainable Living lessons to Elon 101 and Global Studies courses as requested; and contributing to and promoting Office of Sustainability events such as Campus Sustainability Week and Earth Week.

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Meet the Current Eco-Reps


Kimmy Castano, Danieley Neighborhood

Graduation Year: 2023

Hometown: Wilton, CT

Major: International Business

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Use a reusable water bottle. It is an easy and impactful way to save money and the environment around the world!


Caroline DiGrande, East Neighborhood

Graduation Year: 2023

Hometown: Warren, NJ

Major: Environmental Studies; Minor: Spanish

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Use a bamboo toothbrush to help eliminate plastic content in landfills. One plastic toothbrush can take up to 400 years to decompose!


Kitty Helm, Loy Center

Graduation Year: 2021

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Major: Environmental Studies B.S.; Minor: International and Global Studies

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: COMPOST! Food waste takes up the largest percentage of our landfills, and takes much longer to break down in a landfill’s oxygen free environment. Put a compost bin in your kitchen to make the good habit easier. It will help you see your food waste, and you could even recycle it into your garden afterwards!


Stephanie Miljanic, Global Neighborhood

Graduation Year: 2023

Hometown: Bethesda MD

Major: Sociology; Minor: Entrepreneurship

Favorite Sustainable living tip: Be sure to compost any leftover scraps, look for the orange bins around campus!


Lauren Rouse, Station at Mill Point

Graduation Year:2023

Hometown: Wheaton, IL

Major: Environmental Studies; Minor: Political Science and Policy Studies

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Find ways to make your bathroom routine more environmentally friendly! Bamboo toothbrushes and reusable Q-tips and makeup remover cloths are not only more sustainable, but will save you money as well.


Samantha Schwamberger, Colonnades Neighborhood

Graduation Year: 2023

Hometown: Fairfield, Ohio

Majors: Anthropology and Environmental Studies

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: My favorite sustainable living tip is to reduce your meat intake to once a day or even try going vegetarian or vegan! I have been vegan for two years and originally went vegetarian after watching a documentary and learning about the environmental impacts of the animal agriculture industry.


Emerson Wells, Historic Neighborhood

Graduation Year: 2023

Hometown: West Jefferson, NC

Undeclared (considering Journalism and/or Environmental and Ecological Science)

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Buy local! By shopping locally, you are purchasing goods produced in your community and reducing the environmental impact of your goods. The less an item has to be transported through plane travel or truck trips, the less pollution and fuel consumption is produced. Plus, it feels good to know you are directly supporting someone within your community!


Juliana Wilson, Oaks Neighborhood

Graduation Year: 2023

Hometown: Severna Park, Maryland

Major: Environmental and Sustainability Studies; Minor: Anthropology

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: To cut down on waste in your own kitchen, use beeswax wrap to save leftovers in the fridge or to take food out of the house with you.  This minimizes the amount of single-use plastics and/or foil that is commonly disposed of in the kitchen. The beeswax wraps can be handmade or store-bought, they are reusable, rewashable, and compostable!