Meet the Outdoors Staff

Photo of Sara Levine

Sara Levine

Hometown: New York, New York

Year: Senior

Fun Fact: I climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Photo of Lyn Nelson

Lyn Nelson

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Year: Senior

Fun Fact: I almost got trampled by a moose after a backpacking expedition in Wyoming.

Photo of Keelan Baldwin

Keelan Baldwin

Hometown: Westborough, MA

Year: Junior

Fun Fact: When I was 8, I went on a hike with my mom. I found a rock that looked exactly like an egg and would not put in down even when we had to walk across extremely slippery rocks. I ended up falling with the egg shaped rock in my hand and completely shattered my wrist. That is the only time I have ever broken a bone, but I still have the egg shaped rock in my room at home. It’s name is Pebbles and it never hatched.

Photo of Maggie Miniati

Maggie Miniati

Hometown: Barrington, RI

Year: Junior

Fun Fact: I've whitewater rafted down the New River in West Virginia

Photo of Gabe Kuhn

Gabe Kuhn

Hometown: Barnstable, MA

Year: Junior

Fun Fact: I am an Adirondack 46er.

Photo of Hailey Tucker

Hailey Tucker

Hometown: Spokane, Washington

Year: Sophomore

Fun Fact: I have backpacked in 20 National Parks.

Photo of Georgi Roll

Georgi Roll

Hometown: Bloomington, IL

Year: Sophomore

Fun Fact: I have hiked a mountain in Costa Rica and then slid down for 4 miles on a natural mud slide.

Photo of Abigail Krump

Abigail Krump

Hometown: Kansas City, KS

Year: Junior

Fun Fact: I spent a summer living out of tent as a raft guide in West Virginia.

Photo of Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

Hometown: Greensboro, NC

Year: Junior

Fun Fact : Andrew has climbed some rad things- including a 20 foot cactus in Italy. He is always down for an adventure and will send any challenge presented to him.

Photo of Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Year: Sophomore

Fun Fact : Claire has been a traveler and an adventurer since she was a teen. Before coming to Elon, Claire traveled all around Southeast Asia and Western Europe.

Photo of Laine Nabors

Laine Nabors

Hometown: Ashburn, VA

Year: Junior

Fun Fact : Laine once found 5 scorpions over the summer in New Mexico, one of which was next to her bed. If anyone can handle poisonous outdoor arachnids, it's Laine!

Photo of Matt Topa

Matt Topa

Hometown: Worcester, Massachusetts

Year: Junior

Fun Fact: Matt really fell in love with the outdoors when hiking and climbing in the Italian Dolomites. He is psyched to hike and climb with fellow Elon students in North Carolina too.

Photo of Liv Ford

Liv Ford

Hometown: Tucker, Georgia

Year: Junior

Fun Fact: Liv once hiked Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. If you know Liv, you know she is always down to adventure.