Meet the Outdoors Staff

Photo of Genevieve Emerson .

Genevieve Emerson

Genevieve Emerson is a junior from Denver, Colorado. She is super excited to work for Elon Outdoors, lead trips and get out into the wilderness more. Being from Colorado, skiing is her absolute favorite outdoor activity (especially when there is a foot of fresh powder), but also always loves to relax in a hammock or go backpacking. Fun Fact: Genevieve took a gap year before coming to Elon, where she spent three months in the backcountry of Mexico on a NOLS course!

Photo of Avery Davis.

Avery Davis

Avery Davis is a junior from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her favorite part about working for Elon Outdoors is meeting amazing people who are willing to be present in the moment, appreciating each other’s company and the outdoors. Her favorite outdoor activities are hiking, climbing, and rollerblading. Fun fact: Avery is learning to unicycle and hopes that someday she will be able to go more than 10 feet.

Photo of Olivia Solis.

Olivia Solis

Olivia Solis is a senior from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She loves Elon Outdoors because of all the awesome people she has met and will meet in the future. Olivia is always excited to push people out of their comfort zone, as well as help them de-stress and have fun! Her favorite outdoor activity is whitewater rafting. Fun fact: Olivia can ride a unicycle!

Photo of Jenna Sudol.

Jenna Sudol

Jenna Sudol is a junior from Princeton, New Jersey. She loves the Outdoors community because it allows her to connect with people who appreciate the outdoors and are open to new adventures. Fun fact: Jenna can walk on her hands!

Photo of Veda Skog.

Veda Skog

Veda Karlsen-Heil is a sophomore from Anoka, Minnesota. Her favorite part of working with Elon Outdoors is the awesome people she gets to work with and being able to share the beauty of nature with her peers. Her favorite outdoor activity is open water swimming, hiking, and kayaking! Fun Fact: Veda has been ice climbing on a frozen waterfall!

Photo of Callahan Johnston .

Callahan Johnston

Callahan Johnston is a junior from Jupiter, Florida. She is so excited to be a part of such a fun and authentic community who loves being outside as much as she does! Her favorite outdoor activity is camping with lots of s’mores and stargazing. Fun fact: Callahan has hiked Machu Picchu!

Photo of Chloe Stuart .

Chloe Stuart

Chloe Stuart is a sophomore from Montclair, New Jersey. She is excited to be a part of the outdoors teams because of the opportunity to learn new skills and explore amazing places with amazing people. Her favorite outdoor activities are backpacking and climbing. Fun fact: Chloe’s #1 bucket list item is to visit all 63 national parks!

Photo of Lowell Smith .

Lowell Smith

Lowell Smith is a sophomore from Richmond, Virginia. His favorite part of being involved with Elon Outdoors is the community that comes with it. You can find Lowell outside running, hiking or playing sports with friends. Fun Fact: Lowell got to see the northern lights in Iceland after making friends with some guys staying in his youth hostel that night!

Photo of Sadie Smith .

Sadie Smith

Sadie Smith is a first-year from San Diego, California. She is stoked to be working for Elon Outdoors to be a part of a warm and eclectic community and share her excitement about exploring the outdoors with others. Her favorite outdoor activity is hiking, hammocking, climbing, and canoeing. Fun fact: she is a headstand enthusiast.

Photo of Akani Bey.

Akani Bey

Akani Bey is a sophomore from Brooklyn, NYC. He is super excited to work for Elon Outdoors because it will expand his passions and studies of the outdoors and it allows him to continue learning about nature and environmental processes. Given that Akani’s family is from the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, his top 3 favorite outdoors activities are snorkeling, kayaking, and climbing. Fun fact: Akani plans to become a restoration biologist that works with Black and Indigenous communities.

Photo of Makayla Oby .

Makayla Oby

I’m a senior from Charlotte, NC.  I love working for Elon Outdoors because we get to meet new people and explore wonderful places. My favorite outdoor activities are hiking and hammocking and a fun fact about me is that I will be hiking to Machu Picchu over Thanksgiving break.

Photo of Connor Witsoe.

Connor Witsoe

This is Connor Witsoe, I am a Senior, I’m from Knoxville Tennessee. I’m excited to help expose others to outdoor recreation and hopefully introduce someone to a new hobby along with meeting new people. My favorite outdoor activities are backpacking and rock climbing. And a fun fact is that I’ve lived in China and Belgium, but I was only a baby so I don’t remember any of it!

Megan Costello

Megan Costello is a junior from Medfield, Massachusetts. She is excited about joining the outdoors team because of the great sense of community. Megan’s favorite outdoor activities are skiing and hiking. Fun fact: Megan learned to ski at three years old.

Photo of Anne Wesley Priebe .

Anne Wesley Priebe

Anne Wesley Priebe is from Fort Collins, Colorado! She is very excited to start work with a fun group of people while exploring and learning more about the outdoors! Her favorite outdoor activity is hiking, hammocking and campfire with some stargazing! Fun fact: Anne worked a summer in Alaska and got to white water raft in Denali National Park.

Photo of Nathaniel Brawley-Magee.

Nathaniel Brawley-Magee

Nathaniel Brawley is a junior from Charlottesville Virginia. He loves working for Elon Outdoors because he can help students take a step back from life on campus and experience the adventures that North Carolina has to offer. He loves backpacking, fly fishing, and rock climbing. Fun fact: Nathaniel sleeps better in the woods than he does in his own bed!

Photo of Mandi Jaffe.

Mandi Jaffe

Mandi Jaffe is a Junior from Parkland, Florida. Her favorite part about working for Elon Outdoors is sharing her love for nature, exploring new places, and helping others reach outside their comfort zones. Her favorite outdoor activities include backpacking, white water kayaking, rock climbing, watching sunrises and sunsets, and star gazing. Fun Fact: When creating a s’more Mandi prefers to roast a crispy black marshmallow over a golden brown marshmallow.

Photo of Colin Gross.

Colin Gross

Colin is a Sophomore from Poolesville, Maryland. His favorite part of being involved with Elon Outdoors is the opportunity to share his love for the outdoors with students of all backgrounds and experience. His favorite outdoor activities are hiking, kayaking, camping, and skiing. Fun Fact: Colin’s go-to snack is pizza flavored Combos!

Photo of Gage Andrews.

Gage Andrews

I am a junior Music Production and Cinema major from Charleston, SC. I have absolutely loved my time here working with Elon Outdoors and I can’t wait to lead more trips in my future. My favorite outdoor activity is hammocking and spending time at a campsite, and I have just recently taken the first step toward my goal of going to every wonder of the world starting with Machu Picchu!

Photo of Annabel Langley.

Annabel Langley

Annabel is a sophomore from England and now lives in Texas. Her favorite thing about working for Elon Outdoors is meeting new people on the amazing trips we lead. She loves snowboarding, camping and anything in the water! A fun fact about Annabel is she went on a road trip this summer and visited 4 national parks.

Photo of Elliot Rezek.

Elliot Rezek

Elliot Rezek is a junior from Starkville, Mississippi. His favorite part of working for Elon Outdoors is the new skills he has learned since joining the team and all the opportunities that have been offered since joining. His favorite outdoors activities are skiing, hiking and kayaking. Fun fact: He went to kindergarten in South Africa.