Meet the Outdoors Staff

Photo of Topher Coomer

Topher Coomer

Topher Coomer is a senior from Huntsville, Alabama. His favorite part of working for Elon Outdoors is “meeting authentic people who enjoy spending time outdoors.” His favorite outdoor activity is sailing. Fun fact: Topher’s favorite book is Fahrenheit 451.

Photo of Ryan Monkman

Ryan Monkman

Ryan Monkman is a junior from Mundelein, Illinois. His favorite part of being involved with Elon Outdoors is the connections he made through Adventures in Leadership and “enjoying the beauty that our world has to offer.” His favorite outdoor activities are hiking, camping, and kayaking. Ryan plans on becoming a mountain man when he retires.

Photo of Hailey Tucker

Hailey Tucker

Hailey Tucker is a senior from Spokane, Washington. Her favorite Elon Outdoors memory is waking up on top of Linville Gorge to the more beautiful sunrise she has ever seen. Her favorite
Her favorite outdoor activities include rock climbing, kayaking, and hiking. Fun fact: Hailey went skydiving with her grandmother for her birthday.

Photo of Georgi Roll

Georgi Roll

Georgi Roll is a senior from Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. She absolutely loves working for Elon Outdoors and cherishes the times she gets to sit around a bonfire with her favorite people, laughing, talking about life, and looking out at the stars. Georgi’s favorite outdoor activities are backpacking and “a solid hike and sit.” Georgi’s hidden talent is licking her right elbow.

Photo of Grace Contino

Grace Contino

Grace Contino is a junior from Northport, NY. Her favorite part about working for Elon Outdoors is the community and the people who are “super chill and outgoing, never afraid to try new things.” Her favorite memory is camping in Charleston with her friends over fall break her first year. Grace’s favorite outdoor activity is kayaking. Fun fact: two years ago Grace went hang-gliding in Switzerland. Next, she wants to skydive when she travels to Australia.

Photo of Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson is a senior from Greensboro, North Carolina. Andrew’s favorite Elon Outdoors memory is hiking in through thick mist in Linville Gorge then waking up the next morning to see that there was an amazing 360-degree view from their campsite. His favorite outdoors activity is mountain biking. Fun fact: Andrew’s grandfather invented Cheez-Its!

Photo of Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson

Claire Thompson is a senior from Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Her favorite thing about working for Elon Outdoors is the incredible people, weekly s’mores, and giving students the opportunity to get off campus and outside! Her favorite outdoor activities are trail running, playing pick-up soccer, anything involving a lake, and hammocking. Fun fact: before coming to Elon, Claire backpacked around Southeast Asia and Europe during her gap year!

Photo of Zach Charles

Zach Charles

Zach Charles is a senior from Baltimore, Maryland. His favorite part of working for Elon Outdoors is “being surrounded by such fantastic people” and he loves all outdoor activities. Zach is super excited to be studying abroad in Argentina next semester and pumped to see the penguins in Southern Argentina.

Photo of Emma Burns

Emma Burns

Emma Burns is a senior from San Jose, California. Her favorite part about working for Elon Outdoors is the humans!! Wednesdays are her favorite day of the week because the team comes together for s’mores and some pre-s’mores spikeball. She also loves watching how the outdoors brings people together. Her favorite Elon Outdoors memories are sunrise hikes and tent talks. She also loves “a good hike and sit.” Fun fact: when Emma was born, she got a letter from the president congratulating her on her birth.

Photo of Genevieve Emerson

Genevieve Emerson

Genevieve Emerson is a sophomore from Denver, Colorado. She is super excited to work for Elon Outdoors, lead trips and get out into the wilderness more. Being from Colorado, skiing is her absolute favorite outdoor activity (especially when there is a foot of fresh powder), but also always loves to relax in a hammock or go backpacking. Fun Fact: Genevieve took a gap year before coming to Elon, where she spent three months in the backcountry of Mexico on a NOLS course!

Photo of Grace Middleton

Grace Middleton

Grace Middleton is a junior from Marshfield, Massachusetts. She is stoked to work for Elon Outdoors because she gets to do what she loves the most with a group of awesome people and provide an escape from everyday campus life to other students. Her favorite outdoor activities are camping, hiking, skiing and kayaking. Fun fact: Grace is excited to study abroad in Sorrento, Italy next semester and hike the Path of Gods.

Photo of Will Davies

Will Davies

Will Davies is a junior from Rye, New York. He is so excited to work for Elon Outdoors because of the opportunity it provides to learn new skills and expand his knowledge of the outdoors. He loves hiking, sailing, and skiing! Fun fact: Will is double jointed.

Photo of Avery Davis

Avery Davis

Avery Davis is a sophomore from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her favorite part about working for Elon Outdoors is meeting amazing people who are willing to be present in the moment, appreciating each other's company and the outdoors. Her favorite outdoor activities are hiking, climbing, and rollerblading. Fun fact: Avery is learning to unicycle and hopes that someday she will be able to go more than 10 feet.

Photo of Olivia Solis

Olivia Solis

Olivia Solis is a junior from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She loves Elon Outdoors because of all the awesome people she has met and will meet in the future. Olivia is always excited to push people out of their comfort zone, as well as help them de-stress and have fun! Her favorite outdoor activity is whitewater rafting. Fun fact: Olivia can ride a unicycle!