Elon’s 8,150 member community can make a difference. As each community member commits to make as few as three positive changes, the collective impact will grow!

Take the Sustainability Pledge today!

None of the actions are mandatory. We ask you to tell us the great things you are already doing and commit to at least three positive changes you feel you can make in your life. In taking the pledge, you commit to start making changes immediately.

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Why Take the Pledge?

Individual actions do make a difference! Over the course of a year or even a lifetime, a person’s everyday actions add up in a big way! Saving just 1 gallon of water per day by taking a shorter shower equals 365 gallons in a year. Recycling 1 aluminum can per day for a year saves enough energy to power a TV for 1,095 hours! That is over 45 straight days!

The most powerful aspect of individual actions is their ability to influence others creating an even larger impact! Working together the Elon community can make a significant difference.

The Sustainability Pledge acknowledges the power of individual actions and their ability to contribute to a more sustainable campus and society. It illustrates the importance of incorporating sustainability into our everyday actions and encourages individual commitment to sustainability.

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