Incoming students can submit vaccination records NOW. Please log-on to the Phoenix Health Portal to submit.

All immunization and vaccine records must be submitted via the PhoenixHealth portal. Students will be able to access their the PhoenixHealth portal to submit your forms online after their deposit has been received and an Elon email assigned to them.

  • Login to PhoenixHealth using your university username and password.
  • Select Immunizations and click on the enter dates dropdown.
  • You must enter dates for all required immunizations. You may include your entire record for us to keep on file.

In addition to entering the dates in the immunization section of the portal, you will need to upload paper documentation from your medical provider so Student Health staff can verify your immunization dates.

Before you start, please make sure to have a digital copy of all your records on your device.  Please save the file “Last First imm record” to your desktop and upload it from that location. File names that are too long or file paths that are too long will cause an error message.

To complete your immunization history and upload your immunization/vaccine documentation:

  • From the PhoenixHealth home page navigate to uploads.
  • Upload copy of your official immunization history.
  • Complete your immunization history. Select “Immunization History” from the dropdown. Follow the directions on the page. The student will not be considered compliant until the documentation is received and verified by university staff.

Students will receive responses and periodic updates regarding their completion status through the Phoenix Health portal. Check that account regularly so that you do not miss important information.

Students must meet all immunization requirements by the due dates below:

  • May 1 for Summer I enrollment
  • June 1 for Summer II enrollment
  • July 1 for fall  semester enrollment
  • December 1 for January/Spring enrollment

Students who need assistance uploading documents should call The Office of the Dean of Students (336) 278-7200 during office hours or email at from their Elon email account.

Where To Locate Your Immunization Records

Students’ current immunization records may be provided by:

  •  Your healthcare provider
  •  School guidance office
  • State or county immunization registries
  • Prior undergraduate  institution (transfer and graduate students)

If you need additional immunizations to meet compliance requirements, contact your health care provider or your local health department. They can advise you about where you can receive necessary immunizations.

More information about adult vaccine records may be found on the CDC website.