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This section of Imagining the Internet is a collection of public-submitted predictions from around the world, submitted via an online form directly to the Imagining the Internet project in the decade-long span from 2004 to 2013 by fans of our first collection of expert comments, the Early 1990s Predictions Database, logged from 1990 to 1995.

Here you can read the fascinating foresight statements of nearly a thousand people from around the world who have shared in their contributions to the Imagining the Internet site. You can also do a refined search of the Voices of the People submissions (search for specific topics, the predictors’ area of expertise, the location of predictors or by keyword or date of prediction).

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  • Transparency will expand by 2020

    Aside from the inevitable setbacks in privacy, transparency will prove to be an essential tool for cross-cultural communication.

  • Changing complexity towards zero acceleration in change

    Change rate will stabilize. One will see very complex interactions which in the overall will regulate the change process away from the asymptotic, and singularity will be unlikely to be ever achieved.

  • The 3D Web will replace the 2D Web by 2012

    We shall be surfing from a mostly 2D environment to the 3D environment by 2012.

  • The End of Identity Theft

    The security problems of the Internet will eventually become so pervasive as to require legislation requiring financial institutions to dramatically improve safeguards against identity theft.

  • Participation by All

    Since the Internet is becoming increasingly important to a wide variety of public policy stakeholders, mechanisms will be developed to enhance widespread participation in Internet Governance policy formulation.

  • We will not run out of oil

    The network future will not run on gas generators to produce electricity.

  • Children need good content on the internet

    There will be huge problems with children's content on the internet if we don't do something now to help protect them.

  • The World Wide Web: The next Tower of Babel.

    The world will become a global mechanism solely dependent on the internet to the point that one thrown wrench could be the downfall of humankind.

  • The Future Leaps Back

    Technology is placing increasing psychological stresses on the human psyche, and it will result in more and more people seeking refuge in semi-luddite lifestyles and communities, and seeking peace in pet ownership.

  • The end of copyright

    Copyright is going to die

  • Privacy, ID and Empowered Citizens

    We will have both highly integrated services with information at your fingertips AND stronger privacy than ever - the parallel to environment pollution will make us find the catalysts which only require strict attention to design, as all rules in the digital world are man-made.

  • Dissolution of America

    Geo. Orwell would be proud of the controls about to be enacted via the internet.

  • Humans will be connected to virtual worlds inside a super internet: YNET

    The world is united in harmony and the peace is remaining between humans. The internet as we know is connecting every human being with one another by their brains. People live a combined life - half in reality half virtually.

  • Intentional mindfulness

    People will have to develop new skills in mindfulness in order to experience physical reality.

  • Challenges ahead for legislating privacy are large

    Great legislation must provide a balance between consumer and public protection without interfering with small and large business interests - especially those that support the richness of what we call the "vast" (massively vast offer of free or affordable online communications, content and services).

  • One World

    The internet will connect people all over the world, revealing all the lies of all the governments, enabling people-to-people world peace.

  • Monopolies and Freelance

    The world will be divided into monopolies and freelancers.

  • Connect Screens with E-mails and Telephone Calls

    Monitors and television screens connect with e-mails and telephone calls.

  • Consciousness Uploaded to the Internet

    What is consciousness? A collection of memories? A set of morals, ethics, vision?

  • Yesterday’s "Guns and Butter" Equals Today’s "Water and Connectivity"

    The survival of our species comes down to water, which is defined as satisfying and nutritional in a safe environment, coupled with connectivity, which is how we as a society can exchange information and bridge equality gaps.

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