July 17 update for students and parents from the Ready & Resilient Committee

The Ready & Resilient Committee provides details to students on a range of topics related to Fall semester.

Subject line: Ready & Resilient Update – July 17


Dear students and parents,


August is just around the corner. We hope to make this a memorable and valuable fall semester despite some restrictions and modifications to life on campus. Look for additional updates next week and across all Elon media platforms, as we finalize preparations for students’ arrival.


This Ready & Resilient (R&R) update includes specific details about a number of processes and topics:

  • R&R Web Page Listing All Requirements
  • COVID-19 Testing
  • Schar Center Health Check-In
  • Required Training, Healthy Elon Commitment, & Disclosure Statements
  • Health Screening App
  • Face Coverings
  • Isolation & Quarantine
  • ADA Student Accommodations
  • Will it Be All Rules All the Time?
  • Will it Be Boring?
  • Are We Prepared?
  • Textbook Rental Returns & Buyback (Returning Students Only)

R&R Web Page Listing All Requirements

Click here to see the R&R page providing details and links related to all upcoming trainings, testing details, the health screening app, Schar Center Health Check-In, etc.

COVID-19 Testing

We are using every tool at our disposal to protect the safety of all members of the Elon community. Although COVID-19 testing, and pre-semester testing in particular, is not perfect and will not shield us from becoming infected, we believe it is an important part of our multi-pronged strategy. Elon is preparing an extensive program of screening, testing and tracing that all members of the Elon community will be required to participate in before the semester and throughout the fall.

To participate in fall semester at Elon, all students, faculty and staff must complete Elon’s pre-semester PCR COVID-19 testing before classes begin. Do not get tested on your own. Use the information below.

Visit the COVID-19 Testing page to find detailed explanations on the following topics and the link to the testing site (live July 23):

  • COVID-19 Testing Prior to Fall Semester
    • Which Test Qualifies for the Required Pre-Semester Testing
    • Finances/Insurance
    • When to Order and Submit Your Test Sample
    • Testing Process
    • If You Receive Positive Test Results
    • If You Have Already Tested Positive for COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Testing throughout the Fall Semester
    • If You Feel Ill or Experience COVID-19 Symptoms
    • Who Will be Selected for Ongoing/Random Testing Throughout the Semester
    • When and How Will the Random/Ongoing Testing Occur?

We ask students and families to limit exposure in the two weeks before coming to campus to ensure a strong and healthy opening to the school year.

Schar Center Health Check-In

All members of the Elon community will complete a health screening prior to the start of classes to help ensure the safety of our community.

Do not report to campus if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Isolate, seek medical consultation and follow provider recommendations prior to coming to campus.

At the Schar Center Health Check-In:

  • Students and their family members will be required to bring and wear a face covering while they have their temperature checked
  • Students will receive their Ready & Resilient Kit (Elon face covering, hand sanitizer, tissues, information, thermometer, etc.)

Staff on site will verify students’:

  • Completion of Elon’s required PCR COVID-19 testing
  • Completion of required health training
  • Submission of immunization records (first-year students only)
  • Signature of the Healthy Elon Commitment and acknowledgment of the disclosure statement

A map and full details can be found here.

Incoming Students

On arrival, you will drive to the Schar Center for your Health Check-In. Please arrive at your designated time slot which was sent via your Acorn account by New Student Orientation.

After the Health Check-In, students and families will be directed to their assigned Residential Neighborhood for move-in. To assist with physical distancing, time slots are structured so that no more than a quarter of residents on a floor will move in at a time. Students moving into residence halls should not arrive prior to their appointment time. In order to ensure safe distancing, students will be allowed a maximum of two accompanying family members.

Returning Students Living in a Residence Hall

On arrival, you will drive to the Schar Center for your Ready & Resilient Health Check-In. Please arrive on Monday, Aug. 17 at your designated time slot which was already sent to you by the Residence Life team.

Returning Students Living in Elon Apartments or Off-Campus

Please plan to participate during one of the following times:

  • Monday-Thursday, Aug. 10-13
    • 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
    • 2-7 p.m.
  • Tuesday, Aug. 18
    • 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (backup day for students, faculty, and staff)

Required Training, Healthy Elon Commitment, & Disclosures

On July 23, the required training will be released to students, faculty, and staff. These brief modules will include key information to support a healthy campus this fall, including training on face coverings, health, hygiene, the Ready & Resilient Health Screen app, cleaning protocols, COVID-19 testing, the Schar Center Health Check-In, the Healthy Elon Commitment, and university disclosures. Look for additional details and links to the trainings on the training website next week.

As part of the required training:

  • All students, faculty and staff will sign the Healthy Elon Commitment, a collective commitment to act each day to safeguard the health and well-being of all community members. Read the text of the Healthy Elon Commitment here.
  • The required training includes a university disclosure statement for students. As part of the process, students will acknowledge they have read the statement. Click here to read the disclosure statement, which explains basic facts and conditions related to fall semester, Elon’s response to COVID-19 and expectations of everyone in our community.

Health Screening App

The R&R health screening app will be live July 23. Students, faculty and staff will use the daily screening app to ensure we are all monitoring our health and know how to respond if symptoms appear. Click here to read more about the app, which will go live on July 23.

Face Coverings

Bring at least 5-10 washable face coverings to campus. Everyone on campus is required to wear a face covering over the nose and mouth when indoors. Face coverings are also required outdoors when six-foot physical distancing cannot be maintained. You can read the full policy, as well as exceptions and accountability, and be prepared to bring numerous washable face coverings with you.

Isolation & Quarantine

Click here to read an overview of campus isolation and quarantine procedures, which includes details about isolation/quarantine spaces, testing and tracing for those needing quarantine, meals, classes, check-ins from staff, and a quarantine supply list for students. The site also links to guidance for those in isolation and quarantine, which is a site under construction by Student Care and Outreach staff to provide specific and detailed instructions to those in quarantine.

Student Accommodation Processes

Students requiring medical or behavioral accommodations related to COVID-19 this fall or those with concerns should contact Disabilities Resources (disabilities@elon.edu). This process aligns with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Additionally, in keeping with the existing Disabilities Resources policies, a modification review committee (comprised of staff and faculty from all schools and colleges) is being formed to address any other student issues and concerns. The Global Education Center is also assisting with students requiring accommodations related to international travel and visa restrictions. Again, more details will be shared as this process is finalized next week.

Will it be All Rules All the Time?

  • Rules, Rules, Rules. It’s true. There are more rules this fall . . . about masks, testing, training, physical distancing, limited attendance at events. We get to be in-person if we can follow a few more rules.
  • We Need Your Help. It’s up to all of us. We are asking for your help in making fall semester as safe as possible so we can get back to more of a normal experience as soon as possible. We need your help in physical distancing, not holding large gatherings, reminding each other to wear face coverings, etc.
  • Consequences AND Care: Will negligent, intentional behaviors that endanger students result in students being asked to leave campus? Yes. On the other hand, if a student becomes infected with COVID-19, our only focus will be to ensure that student receives medical care and support.
  • Step Forward: If you think there is any chance you have COVID-19 symptoms or if you do not pass the daily health screening app, step forward immediately. The university’s goal will be to provide care and support. Similarly, the contact tracing process will be based on care and support. Could a positive case of COVID-19 result in up to 14 days of quarantine? Yes. But Elon staff and faculty will be there to support you.

Will it be Boring?

Not a chance.

  • Campus Events and Student Organizations: Look for emails in the coming weeks about how student organizations, residential neighborhoods, student events, and campus traditions will function while still following campus health guidelines. Departments and programs across campus are actively planning to reinvent evening and weekend activities with the goal of fostering a vibrant and healthy social climate and providing opportunities for students to build a sense of community and belonging. These university-sponsored events will follow guidelines around reduced attendance, physical distancing, face coverings, hygiene, and low-touch environments.
  • Cultural and special programs, performing arts, music, and others are planning speakers, concerts, and cultural events this fall:


Many, many other events, including dance, theater, and music from Elon’s Departments of Performing Arts and Music will be included on the Cultural Calendar (online) which will be released in early August. Students will have first priority to attend in-person events, which will involve limited in-person attendance, face coverings, and online ticketing.

Are We Prepared?

We are spending this summer preparing for all potential outcomes this fall. Yes, we are creating plans for and making significant investments in being in person and on campus. We want to provide the safest way possible to keep students progressing and enable faculty and staff to provide Elon’s relationship-rich and face-to-face model.

We are also analyzing a wide range of data as we navigate the fall semester. Elon’s Infectious Disease Committee is finalizing tools for assessing campus risk based on metrics related to tracing, testing and results, local and state health conditions and outbreaks, quarantining, compliance, supplies, local and state hospitalizations, etc.

We are using every available resource create a safe but physically distanced semester on campus: required testing prior to classes, ongoing surveillance testing throughout the semester, a daily health screening app, physical distancing, required face coverings, required trainings, the Healthy Elon Commitment, support and advice from local and state health officials, and more.

Text Book Information (Returning Students Only)

  • Textbook Rental Returns (Returning Students Only)
    • Rental textbooks are returnable by mail using FREE printable UPS return labels, accessible here. Include packing materials so that books are not damaged in transit. Fees for non-returned rentals will not be charged until the end of the first week of Fall term in August. Please return rentals as soon as you are able so to make rental textbooks available for student rental Fall term. Rental text returns will not be accepted in the store due to COVID-19.
  • Buyback (Returning Students Only)

Information Line

Questions? Call the Ready & Resilient Information Line during business hours Monday through Friday at 336-278-2020. As always, you can also send questions via email to Ready2020@Elon.edu and check the Ready & Resilient website.


The Ready & Resilient Committee

  • Jeff Stein, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Assistant Professor of English (Chair)
  • Dan Anderson, Vice President of University Communications
  • Ginette Archinal, Medical Director of Student Health and University Physician
  • MarQuita Barker, Director of Residence Life
  • John Barnhill, Associate Vice President for University Advancement
  • Tom Flood, Assistant Vice President of Physical Plant
  • Jason Husser, Associate Professor of Political Science and Policy Studies, and Director of the Elon Poll (Academic Council Representative)
  • Deandra Little, Assistant Provost, Director of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning and Professor of English
  • Paul Miller, Assistant Provost for Academic Operations and Communications and Professor of Exercise Science
  • Kelly Reimer, Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies (Staff Council Representative)
  • Carrie Ryan, Director of Auxiliary Services
  • Kelli Shuman, Associate Vice President for Human Resources & Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Gabie Smith, Dean of Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Psychology
  • Mary Southern, Project Manager for Provost and Academic Affairs Operations (Project Manager)
  • Mike Ward, Deputy Director of Athletics
  • Randy Williams, Associate Vice President for Inclusive Excellence and Assistant Professor of Education