Academic Service-Learning for Students

Academic Service-Learning (ASL) helps students gain a better understanding of course content by putting it into practice. Service-learning engages students in real-life settings, working on community issues to connect classroom learning with societal issues. An effective service-learning course involves students in a meaningful community project combined with reflection to process the learning gained from field experience. By taking an academic service-learning course, you can potentially earn your service ELR.

To view a list of Service-Learning courses being offered this semester, click hereYou can also search for Service-Learning courses on OnTrack, by selecting the “Service Learning” option in the course type drop down box.
This list is updated prior to the start of the fall and spring semester.

I have taken a number of service-learning courses throughout my time at Elon, each one involving a partnership with a different community organization. These experiences were the ones at Elon that best prepared me to work in a professional environment and that taught me the value of clear communication and of true, collaborative partnership. Service-learning is about really getting to know a partner and understanding their needs, and how their needs match up with your skills, but it’s also about gaining really fantastic “real-world” experience. Service-learning also connects students to their community, which is hugely valuable in terms of identity building and gaining self-awareness.

Rachel Lewis ’15