Student Opportunities: Internships

The Office of Sustainability hires Elon students as interns for the summer and academic year. Meet current interns and learn what previous interns are doing. 

Summer Internships

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Intern: Collects, enters and analyzes data using a GHG inventory Excel tool and drafts the FY GHG inventory report.

Projects Intern: Responsible for researching, designing and implementing innovative and engaging communication strategies and materials related to specific sustainability projects. Projects vary year to year.

STARS Intern: Assists with projects related to Elon’s Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System (STARS) report, specifically collecting data from faculty and staff and data management.

Academic Year Internships

Communications Intern: Develops and implements outreach (social media, digital signs, infographics, etc.) designed to increase awareness of sustainability practices, encourage their implementation and increase awareness of campus sustainability initiatives and accomplishments.

Sustainability Intern: Manages 9 student peer educators as the student coordinator for the Eco-Reps program. Eco-Reps primarily promote sustainability and environmentally responsible behaviors in residential neighborhoods.

Sustainability Project Database: Recruits, enters, reviews and organizes submissions to the Student Sustainability Project Database.

Behavior Change: Uses Community Based Social Marketing principles and sustainability survey and pledge data to develop, implement, track and report on campaigns directed toward personal sustainability behaviors.


Summer 2014 Interns

Jessica Bast, STARS Intern

Class of 2016

Hometown: Frederick, MD

Major/Minor: Environmental Studies and Religious Studies

Fun Fact: I've repelled down a castle wall in Italy.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Unplugging all of my devices when I'm not using them to avoid using "phantom energy".

John Cooper, Greenhouse Gas Inventory Intern

Class of 2016

Hometown: Lakewood, CO

Major/Minor: Psychology/Neuroscience

Fun Fact: I hold state records for powerlifting.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Avoid using the clothes dryer by air drying your clothes.  The clothesline is making a comeback!

Thomas Friend, Projects Intern

Class of 2016

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Major/Minor: Environmental Studies/Classical Studies

Fun Fact: I've been parasailing off the mountains of Hawaii.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Turn off lights when you leave the room to save energy.


Academic Year 2014-2015 Interns

Chloe Donohoe, Sustainability Project Database Intern

Class of 2017

Hometown: Hartsville, PA

Major/Minor: Public Health and Environmental Studies

Fun Fact: I climbed a volcano in Nicaragua on an Elon Alternative Break Trip

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: I always carry around a reusable water bottle so that I do not have to use plastic water bottles and contribute to waste.

Marlena Fernandez, Behavior Change Intern

Year: Class of 2016

Hometown: Accokeek, MD

Major(s) / Minor: Civil Engineering &Physics / Applied Mathematics & Environmental Science

Fun Fact:I held a white-faced monkey while in Costa Rica.

Sustainable Living Tip: Eating local means you eat fresher products and you support the local community.  Try finding local farmer's markets wherever you go!

Shannon Temlak, Sustainability Intern

Year:  Class of 2015

Hometown:  Northborough, MA

Major(s) / Minor(s):  Policy Studies, Political Science / International Studies, Psychology

Fun Fact:  I met Emma Watson when I studied abroad in London in Spring 2014.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Store your reusable bags in a smart location (e.g. in your car or by your front door) so you don't forget them when you go shopping!

Sarah Wasko, Communications Intern

Year:  Class of 2015

Hometown:  Marietta, GA

Major(s) / Minor(s):  Art, Strategic Communications

Fun Fact:  I was a competitive Irish step dancer.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Buy local! I try to buy locally produced food whenever possible. It's always cool to know exactly where my food is coming from and that it didn't need to travel 100s or 1,000s of miles to get to my plate.  

Past Interns: Wisdom & where they are now