Student Opportunities: Internships

The Office of Sustainability hires Elon students as interns for the summer and academic year. Positions are typically posted in March. Meet current interns and learn what previous interns are doing. 

Full position descriptions and application instructions here.
Applications open 3/1/17 - 3/31/17

Summer Internships 2016

Metrics Intern: Collects, enters and analyzes data using a GHG inventory Excel tool and drafts the FY GHG inventory report. Also assists with STARS data collection.

Projects Intern: Responsible for researching and designing engaging communication materials related to specific sustainability projects. Projects vary year to year.

Academic Year Internships 2016-2017

Communications Intern: Develops and implements outreach (social media, digital signs, infographics, etc.) designed to increase awareness of sustainability practices, encourage their implementation and increase awareness of campus sustainability initiatives and accomplishments.

Sustainability Intern: Manages 9 student peer educators as the student coordinator for the Eco-Reps program. Eco-Reps primarily promote sustainability and environmentally responsible behaviors in residential neighborhoods.

Sustainability Project Database: Recruits, enters, reviews and organizes submissions to the Student Sustainability Project Database.


Summer 2016 Interns

Sarah Clark, Sustainability Projects Intern - Educational Communications

Class of 2018

Hometown: Glenelg, MD

Major/Minors: Environmental Science / Economics, Policy Studies, GIS

Fun Fact: I am a second degree black belt!

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Unplug electronics when you're done using them! Even if the device is off, if it's plugged in, it's still using a lot of energy. Using power strips with a switch make conserving electricity easy!

Benjamin Davidson, Sustainability Metrics Intern

Class of 2018

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major/Minor: Finance / Applied Math and Communications

Fun Fact: I was involved in an international clinical trial for peanut allergy research.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Buy a water filter and refill a reusable container instead of buying cases of bottled water.

Academic Year 2016-2017 Interns

Chloe Donohoe, Sustainability Intern

Class of 2017

Hometown: Hartsville, PA

Major/Minor: Public Health and Environmental Studies

Fun Fact: I climbed a volcano in Nicaragua on an Elon Alternative Break Trip

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: I always carry a reusable water bottle so that I do not have to use plastic water bottles and contribute to waste.

Joelle Halle, Communications Intern

Class of 2017

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Major/Minor: Communication Design/Religious Studies and Leadership Studies

Fun Fact: I have been mistaken for Lea Michelle (Rachel from Glee) multiple times.

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Use cold water when you do your laundry. You don't have to sort your darks and lights, and it uses less energy!

Emma Nault, Sustainability Project Database Intern

Class of 2017

Hometown: Orlando, FL

Major/Minor: Biology, Environmental & Ecological Sciences

Fun Fact: on May 18th, 2016 I summited Mt. Kilimanjaro (19341').

Favorite Sustainable Living Tip: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! It is super easy to make apartment recycling bins / reuse cloth grocery bags / or cut back on food waste.

Past Interns: Wisdom & where they are now